Changing the Shaker Till Roll

A till machine, also known as a cash register or point-of-sale terminal, is a device that is used to process transactions at a retail store or business. It typically consists of a keyboard, a display screen, and a drawer for holding cash. Many till machines are also equipped with scanners that can read barcodes on products, as well as card readers for processing debit and credit card transactions.

Till machines are an essential component of any retail operation, as they allow businesses to efficiently process transactions and track sales. Some till machines are also capable of generating reports and analysing sales data, which can be helpful for businesses looking to better understand their customers and optimise their operations.

Keep the receipts flowing

When your till roll runs out in your iK Shaker Solo card machine, you will need to replace it. Changing the till roll is super simple and can be done quickly and easily.

‍Follow these easy steps to get your iK Shaker Solo printing again:

  • Pull the latch forward on the iKhokha 3G logo
  • The cover will release exposing the empty spindle
  • Remove the empty spindle
  • Place the new till roll into the Shaker Solo with the paper feeding from underneath

You’re now good to go!

If you need to purchase till rolls, simply click here to order from our online store.

*The till roll refers to the thermal paper you can purchase by visiting our online store

**The size to be used is 57 x 40.