Getting-Paid-in-Multiples-with-iK-Pay-Link_Header3iK Pay Link just levelled up! Meet Multiple Payment Links, a new iK Pay Link feature that lets you accept instant online payments from multiple sources, with just a single link! 

As a business owner, you’re probably all about providing convenience to customers. But what about convenience for you? Using products that make life easy for both you and your customers is what will help you reach that sweet spot of customer satisfaction and business efficiency.  

iK Pay Link really is that payment solution that’s been helping Mzansi’s entrepreneurs make big waves. And now that it’s levelled up with the Multiple Payment Link feature, sky’s the limit!  

What's A Multiple Payment Link? 

A Multiple Payment Link, as the name suggests, is a unique URL that can accept multiple payments with a fixed or open amount. This link can be generated and shared by you to your customers to make instant online payments. You can decide when to deactivate the link, which will stop further payments to that link. This feature offers unparalleled flexibility in collecting payments, making it ideal for a wide range of uses. 

When and Why Should You Use Multiple Payment Links? 

Getting-Paid-in-Multiples-with-iK-Pay-Link_When and Why Should You Use Multiple Payment LinksThis new feature of iK Pay Link is ideal for you if you’re dishing out invoices on the daily and struggle to streamline your payment system.  

Whether you're a tutor collecting fees from your students or a freelance consultant billing hourly rates, Multiple Payment Links provide an easy way to get paid. What’s more, it kills some of the tedious paperwork and allows you to track your sales.  

For example, if you charge by the hour, simply create a multiple payment link for all your clients without specifying a price. So, all your clients will pay via the same link and you won’t need to recreate a pay link every time you invoice.  

Getting-Paid-in-Multiples-with-iK-Pay-Link_Fuelling-Business-Growth,-One-Link-at-a-TimeThe best part about Multiple Payment Links is that you can also use them for specific products or services. This means, you can create a payment link for a product and send it to all your customers who wish to buy it.  

Let’s say you sell chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cakes. You can create three multiple links for each flavour you sell and simply share it to get paid every time somebody buys a flavour. This way, you can track how many cakes of each flavour you sell, which will give you insight into which one’s a best seller and which you should probably swap for something else. A payment solution that doubles as an analytics tool? Yes, please!  

With Multiple Payment Requests, you can also:  

  • Add a payment reference. 
  • Specify if the customer should add a reference to their payment.  
  • Add a description of the product or service.
  • Specify if customer should capture their delivery information.
  • Specify if customers can add a tip to their payments. 

How to Create a Multiple Payment Link 

Getting-Paid-in-Multiples-with-iK-Pay-Link_How to Create a Multiple Payment LinkReady to give it a go? Follow these simple steps to create and send your first multiple payment link: 

  1. Log in to iK Dashboard.
  2. Click "Payment options" and then “iK Pay Link” from the left menu item.
  3. Click "Request Multiple Payments".
  4. Capture the required information and click "Create Link" when completed.
  5. "Share" your Pay Link via the platform of your choice or "Download" the QR code and print it or share it with customers for them to make payments. 

Fuelling Business Growth, One Link at a Time 

iK Pay Link's Multiple Payment Links bring a new level of convenience and flexibility to payments. It's time to unlock the potential of Multiple Payment Links and supercharge your financial transactions. Give it a go and embrace the future of payments with iK Pay Link!