Download and set up the Poster app

If you’ve bought your iKhokha card machine, the next step is to get you logged in.First make sure that the Poster app is installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Then follow the easy steps below to get started:

  1. Go to the Google Play store on your device, search forPoster POS and click download.
  2. Open the Poster App once successfully downloaded.
  3. To find the login credentials for the Poster App. Open the back office, in your web browser. You should have the link on email. Navigate to Access > Registers.
  4. Input the login username and password and click log in.
  5. Input your four-digit code to give you access to the POS screen.
  6. If you have selected the “Use cash shifts” option in the settings, the system will ask you to input a start cash float. Input the cash float and click “Done”.
  7. Your floor plan or store will be open to take orders.

To download the complete Poster Setup Guide, click here.

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