Setting up & pairing the Shaker

How to set up the iKhokha Shaker

Setting up the iKhokha Shaker can be done in a few easy steps. Follow the simple steps below for both iOS or Android users.

Step 1 - Shaker

Make sure the iKhokha Shaker is charged and is switched on.

‍Step 2 - Smartphone

On your smartphone go to your respective app store, search for “iKhokha” and install the iKhokha app on your device.

‍Step 3 - Smartphone

Android users must install the “iKhokha app from the google play store and iOS users must install the “iKhokha 2.0” app from the app store.

‍Step 4 - Smartphone

After the iKhokha app is installed on your smartphone, switch on the Bluetooth.

‍Step 5 - Smartphone

‍Search for available devices under your Bluetooth settings.

‍Step 6 - Smartphone

‍The serial number that is on the back of your device will then pop up on the screen. It will always start with “PP”.

‍Step 7 - Smartphone

‍Choose the serial number and confirm pass key. Select “okay/pair”.

‍Step 8 - Smartphone

Once you’re successfully paired to the Shaker, open the iKhokha app and sign in with the email address and password used to complete the iKhokha application.

Android users only

Once signed in, on the home page of your app it will give options for cash, card, Masterpass etc. On the top right corner of the home screen, there will be a settings cog.

Select this cog to choose your device type. Select “Mover / Shaker” as this will allow the app to connect to the device via Bluetooth.

Check out Transacting with the Shaker to learn how to carry out a successful transaction.
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