How does it work?

How do I send a payment request?

  1. Sending a payment is easy. Simply navigate to the “My Business” Section within your iKhokha application and tap on "Send Payment request"
  2. Once you have selected the item, you will be required to enter the payment amount that you are requesting from your client
  3. You will then be required to enter client details and select the distribution method. EG: SMS or e-mail
  4. Make sure merchant is happy with the amount
  5. A screen will show that now allows you to capture clients details and then send the request
  6. Your client will receive a link via sms or e-mail

How does my client pay?

  1. Your client receives the payment request link via the SMS or email that you have sent to them
  2. Client will be required to tap on the link to make payment
  3. The link will automatically direct your customer to the Masterpass application
  4. Client has Masterpass: If your client already has the Masterpass app, they will be asked to "Open"
  5. Client doesn't have Masterpass: Should your client not have the Masterpass application they will be asked to download from their app store - They will then be required to load a credit/cheque card to make payment. Once complete they will be enabled to make payment
  6. The requested payment amount will automatically be populated into the client’s Masterpass app upon completion of either download or opening
  7. From there, client simply taps on on pay to make payment

How do I check the status of my payment request?

  1. Simply navigate to the transaction history screen within the "sales analytics" section of "My Business"
  2. Client will be required to tap on the link to make payment
  3. Green check mark = payment successful
  4. Amber clock= pending payment
  5. Red cross = failed transaction
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