How does iKhokha cash advance work?

The more you process through iKhokha the bigger the amount you qualify for. The Cash Advance offered to your business is calculated on your card transaction history and will be closely linked to your average monthly card turnover to date.

To qualify:

We calculate a Cash Advance amount based on your average iKhokha card turnover within a month:

  • You need to have been trading over the latest 3 months
  • You need to trade at least 3 times a month
  • You must have a minimum of 10 iKhokha transactions a month
  • You must have traded in the last 15 days
  • Your turnover must be higher than R2500 per month
  • Your average turnover over the latest 3 months must be higher than R3125
  • **Please note that “latest 3 months” refer to a rolling period of 90 days

The minimum cash advance is R2 500 and the maximum cash advance that you are able to qualify for is R50 000

To check your elegibility:

Tap on the My Business section on your iKhokha app to see if you’re eligible and what amount you pre-qualify for, then follow the quick and easy steps to apply!

If you have a limited iKhokha trading history then you’re not currently eligible for business financing. iKhokha cash advance will become available to you as you build up a track record using iKhokha for all your card payments. Call our customer support team (0860 546 542) for more info.


Let’s say you accept an advance for R10 000 the breakdown might work as follows:

  • iKhokha’s financing partner Retail Capital will deposit R10 000 into your bank account.
  • Total future payment card receivables due for Cash Advance repayments: R12 000.
  • Percentage of daily card sales that go towards your Cash Advance repayment: 10%
  • This is in addition to your standard iKhokha card commission fees.

The best part? The amount you owe will not change (no additional fees), regardless of how long it takes you to pay it off!

There is a catch though. You need to use your iKhokha card machine to qualify!

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