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Get paid from anywhere with a digital payment

Send payment requests to offsite clients and get paid remotely.

Send Pay Request

Need to get paid but your customer is not with you? Send a payment request through iKhokha.

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Send Branded Pay Requests

Easily send payment requests via an HTML link in an SMS or email to offsite clients

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Track Outstanding Payments

Track all outstanding payments when you log in to your iKhokha Profile

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Easy Payment For Customers

Customers can pay by clicking the pay request link and selecting a payment option

Send Payment Request Link

The Send Pay Request function enables iKhokha merchants to easily send payment requests to anyone, anywhere.

Enter client details.
Capture sale amount and select delivery between SMS or Email.
Send Payment Request.

The customer will receive the HTML payment link that will direct them to the Masterpass app to make payment.

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Easy Payment for Customers

Your customer will receive an SMS or email with the HTML link. They simply tap on the link and get directed to the Masterpass app.

If your customer does not have the app, they will be directed to their App Store to download it.

Click on payment link.
The payment amount will auto populate in the Masterpass app.
Tap 'PAY' to process the payment.

Track All Outstanding Payments

View your transaction history to see the status of the transaction.
Green = paid, Amber = pending & Red = declined.

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