What is Masterpass?

Masterpass is a QR code linked digital wallet product. Built by MasterCard it works in a similar way to Zapper or SnapScan, using a QR code to process a card linked payment. Most importantly it is classified as an Authenticated Mobile Transaction by SA banks, which is seen as a more secure option than similar solutions and carries no risk for you the merchant. Phew!!The other big differentiator for MasterPass is that unlike competitive products it also works with debit cards not just credit cards. You the merchant control inputting the transaction amount, not your customer.

Q: Do customers have to have a MasterCard or do Visa Cards also work?Yes Visa cards do also work and can be loaded into the customers MasterPass app.

Q: Are there exceptions?Yes there are, card holders need to check with their card issuing bank if their card is enrolled for Masterpass, MasterCard 3D secure or Verified by Visa. If not then their card won't work, for example FNB debit cards are a known exception case. But there is a very long list of cards that will work perfectly.

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