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We empower entrepreneurs

iKhokha is a fintech company that develops digital tools to help entrepreneurs start, run and grow their business.

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Changing the way Mzansi works

iKhokha is a South African technology company, co-founded by Matt Putman, Ramsay Daly and Clive Putman, that is redefining the way SMEs do business through mobile innovation.

Since our early days as a startup in 2012, we’ve made it our mission to develop and deliver business tools that anyone can use to thrive in business.

We believe that everyone should have access to the digital economy. That's why we exist. To accelerate entrepreneurship in South Africa by making it easier for anyone to run their business.

Ramsay Daly and Matt Putman

Welcome to the

fintech frontier

iKhokha is one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in Africa. As you'd expect, our pace is fast-moving and ever-changing. We like it that way.

Our product team is made up of talented dynamic individuals who want to make an impact and be part of a purpose driven business. From our skillsets to our modern tech stack, our approach is geared towards high performance to redefine the boundaries of our industry.

iKhokha Employees

We help merchants grow

To us, technology is the gateway to financial freedom for our compatriots. We'll continue to explore the bleeding edge to unlock new ways for them to prosper and drive growth in this beautiful country we call home.

We’re not a bank

iKhokha isn't a corporate, far from it. Within our company, we have a diverse range of personalities and free thinkers.

While we're different, we all believe in our collective ability to positively influence South Africa by uplifting the powerhouse of our economy: small businesses.

Man holding sign that says "Not the bank's"

How we work

No egos here. Just plenty of talented people working together in agile cross-functional teams to deliver an unmatched experience for SMEs. To create cohesion, we ensure that our Cultural Principles permeate across departments.

Dream bigger
We started out in the trenches, only three of us together. But we had big dreams. We made those dreams come true. And now there are many of us and our dreams are even bigger. We have to always try to do more with less and push through the impossible. It's exciting. Join the ride, we can change the world if we all believe it so.
Hustle hard together
Be as resourceful as humanly possible, no is not an answer here. Think more to solve faster and innovate better. We work harder and smarter together as a team. Our culture is a place where we laugh together, we cry together. We want it more than the rest, we dig in when times are tough and
nothing will stop us from getting it done. We have street smarts, we have edge. We can never let our guard down, that's not the hustle way.
Go against the grain
It's about finding a way over, under, through or around. We have to be original to challenge the status quo. Nothing will stop us changing the world our way. Always pushing boundaries because that's what we do best. We are determined to think differently and to never just accept rules, expectations or boundaries set by others.
Think ahead fail fast
We must always ask what is the opportunity to help us grow more? How can we further delight our customers? What are the big problems we should be solving? We drive our own performance with passion and hold ourselves to the highest standards. This is a place where we challenge each other to grow every single day because if all of us grow together, we will transcend the rest.
Be cool, humble and open
It's about the people we work with, the unique iKhokha tribe. Collectively we are a powerful force of nature and our unity makes us stronger. We pool our different skills, collaborate and debate because that's the best way to build great products and solutions. We talk openly and often; we greet each other, we keep our feet on the ground and we respect diverse thinking. Our default is transparency. No fine print, bureaucracy, entitlement or silos, just humble teams working towards our collective purpose.
Simpler is better
Complexity serves short term goals and is the enemy of long term success. Simplicity is the ultimate competitive advantage and creates space for creativity. We must build simple structures and processes so we waste fewer resources and time. We design simple products that work and deliver what the customer needs. We speak simple truths. We are comfortable ripping down the old over and over again if we can find a simpler way. True simplicity is our lifelong quest.

Grow with our city

iKhokha HQ is located in Umhlanga, the fastest growing wealth market in South Africa.

Our city offers a balanced and relaxed coastal lifestyle, unlike anywhere else. It's where warm water and endless beaches meet a rapidly developing economic hub, making it perfect for young families and socialites alike.

If the thought of working in the fastest-growing metro in the country at the fastest growing fintech in Africa excites you, then you need to join our team.

View of iKhokha Offices in Umhlanga, KZN

Why iKhokha?

iKhokha is one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in Africa. As you'd expect, our pace is fast-moving and ever-changing. We like it that way.

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