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iK Pay Gateway plugin for Wix, Woo and Shopstar

Accept card payments on your online store with our free iK Pay Gateway ecommerce plugin.

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How it works

Our iK Pay Gateway ecommerce plugin lets you accept a variety of payment methods on your online store. It gives your customers the freedom of choice and a smooth checkout process. Plus, it’s free and setup is quick and easy - you can do it in just 5 minutes!

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How to get paid with iK Pay Gateway

How to get paid with iK Pay Gateway

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How to get paid with iK Pay Gateway

Find out how to install the iK Pay Gateway
ecommerce plugin onto your site:

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What I like about iKhokha is the people. Business to me is about making partnerships that make sense. Partnering with people that can help you make your business succeed. And for me, iKhokha is that.
- Rise Brand
I’m loving iKhokha’s payment gateway! Cashflow is a nightmare in any product-based business, it really helps that funds are not held back. Thanks for encouraging me to make the switch!
- Phoenix and the Llama Apparel
iK Pay Gateway has been a vital component of our online store as it’s enabled our customers to make transactions with ease and speed.
- Oh Two Clothing/Instinct ZA

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iK Pay Gateway
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A payment gateway is a payment portal for your website. It lets you process authenticated online card payments for your ecommerce store.

You need to be an iKhokha merchant to access to iK Pay Gateway. This will give you access to iK Dashboard, where you will find all the information you need to set up your payment gateway. Sign up here.

Linking to our free payment gateway takes just 5 minutes:

  1. Create your free iKhokha profile. 
  2. Access iK Dashboard.
  3. Link your website using the payment gateway plugin. 

It takes 2 days for your money made from sales to reflect in your account.

iK Pay Gateway is a free ecommerce payment gateway so you don't pay anything to use it. You only pay a transaction rate, and ours is one of the cheapest in South Africa. Plus, the more you transact, the lower your rate.

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