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Take the hassle out of managing your business with the iK Dashboard.

iK Dashboard

Make your business better

Easy-to-read analytics
Track your business growth with detailed analytics, performance metrics, and more.
Streamlined tracking
Keep track of all your business activities on one platform.
View sales and settlements
Monitor your sales and settlements as they happen and get a detailed view of their history.

Simplify the

Take the guesswork out of tracking your business's performance.
iK Dashboard gives you comprehensive and detailed views on how you're doing, helping you make better decisions for your business.

map and track sales
iK Dashboard is designed to help you easily manage your business like a pro. It has everything you need, all in one intelligent business portal.
watch the money come in
Get snapshots, a full sales history, averages, and a peek into the future with forecasting. All presented in a reader-friendly format.
Reports and statements
Fly through admin and reporting by generating business reports and statements with one click.


of iK merchants say iK Dashboard takes the stress out of managing and growing their business.

Tracking your
business's future

Get live views of your business's performance on your iK Dashboard.
You can access it for free at anytime from your computer or smartphone.

Tracking your  business's future

Complete your profile

Sign up for free to create your iKhokha profile and get access to the dashboard.


Open the Sales Summary tab to view analytics

Track and compare your sales trends.


Start trading online

Accept payments online with iKhokha's free ecommerce payment tools.

Tracking your  business's future
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You can access your sales history, recent transactions, detailed views of single transactions, tax invoices, next settlement total, list of previous settlements, and a detailed view of a single settlement.

No, the iK Dashboard is free to use when you sign up to iKhokha.

Yes, you can find your statements on the dashboard.

If you don't have an iKhokha profile yet, click or tap "Sign up" in the top right-hand corner on ikhokha.com. If you already have a profile, click or tap "Login" on the top right-hand corner.

Yes, you can view and complete your profile on the iK Dashboard.

You can create and manage:

  1. Buy buttons
  2. Pay links
  3. Donations
  4. Pay gateways
  5. Invoices

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