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Sell anywhere online with iK Buy Button

Get paid online with free custom buy buttons. Use them on everything from marketing emails to blog sites and mobile apps.

iK Buy Button

iK Buy Button accepts:

Custom buttons
Make each button your own with a selection of styles and colours.
Easy integration
We’ll generate the code for you to copy and paste onto your digital platforms.
Quick checkout
Simple and easy checkout and payment process for your customers.

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Tired of missing out on digital sales?

Get paid instantly for any product or service with buttons that your customers can easily click to pay. Seamlessly integrate iK Buy Button on all of your digital platforms and take payments in seconds.

iK Buy Button

Whether you're in travel, retail, health and beauty or entertainment, you can enjoy competitive online rates and instant payments with iK Buy Button.

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Get started with iK Buy Button

Create, customise and manage your buy buttons from your iK Dashboard in a few simple steps.

Product Features

  • 1
    Sign up to create your iKhokha free profile.
  • 2
    Create your buy button  by choosing from various styles and colours.
  • 3
    Copy and paste your buy button into html apps, emails or websites. 

More ways to get paid with iK Buy Button

Accept deposits
Accept deposits
Create a "Book Now" button to accept deposits for products or services your business offers.
Limited offers & discounts
Limited offers & discounts
Launch your new products by running limited time offers or discounts with a "Buy Now" button.
Tickets & event bookings
Tickets & event bookings
Sell out your next event by giving your customers a quick and easy way to buy your tickets and event packages.

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A buy button is a clickable payment button that allows you to buy a product online with just one click. Buy buttons save customers time and ensure a smooth checkout process.

This depends on the type of website you have. Check out our Help Centre for detailed steps on how to add your Buy Now button to your website.

Buy buttons make it convenient to sell products on your website because customers make a purchase directly from your product page without needing redirect to another platform to complete transactions.

Using buy button significantly improves conversion rates by simplifying the purchasing process. When customers buy a product with a single click, it reduces friction by reducing the number of pages they need to click through. The ease-of-use results in higher conversion rates, making it a valuable tool for boosting sales.

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