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10 Reasons Why iK Prepaid is Good for Business

Growing your business (and income) has never been easier. Read on to find out how iK Prepaid can help you make more money and attract more customers.

10 Reasons Why iK Prepaid is Good for Business

Business growth isn’t always a massive investment, like a bunch of new hires or opening up a second store. Sometimes, it’s the smaller steps that make the biggest impact. And it doesn’t necessarily need to have a financial impact for it to be successful. 

Besides your business offering, what else can you provide that’ll satisfy customers and keep them coming back? Think about what provides value to your customers and what lets them know you’re there to help and make life easier.

With everyone hustling to juggle their daily responsibilities, customer convenience is your best bet at keeping your business memorable and yourcustomers loyal. While it’s not always easy to find that surefire way to make that happen, thinking out of the box and trying something different could be the way to go.

For example, let’s say you’re a tuckshop owner. Every afternoon, you have customers lining up to buy bread and milk. What if you could offer them a way to do more than just buy some groceries at your shop? What if that afternoon stop could also help cross off a couple of tedious errands that people often have to see to?

With iK Prepaid, you can do all that and more! iK Prepaid is a feature in the free iKhokha App that lets you sell a bunch of digital prepaid products (more on these further down). The best part? You earn commission from your sales!

What is a prepaid product?

A prepaid product is something you pay for in advance before you actually use or enjoy it.

By using iK Prepaid, you’re essentially:

  • Adding another stream of income to your business
  • Driving more foot traffic to your store
  • Making your business a community favourite.

And there’s not much heavy lifting to be done to get started! So, you can expand your offering while skipping the stress of dealing with suppliers and the bits of admin that go with having a product-based business.

1 App, 10 Products

Let’s dig into the 10 products you can sell with iK Prepaid.

1. Airtime and data vouchers: 

Keep your customers connected with vouchers from all major networks such as MTN, CellC and Vodacom.

2. Electricity vouchers:

Loadshedding is troublesome enough. No one needs unpaid bills to prolong their time in the dark. Help your community keep the lights on by letting them pay their electricity bills at your shop.

3. Water and gas vouchers:

Help customers keep their water running without having to make the extra trip to a municipal office.

4. Gaming and betting vouchers:

It pays to be entertained! Sell gaming and betting vouchers to fulfil your customers’ entertainment needs.

5. DStv bills: 

There’s nothing worse than switching on the TV to watch a soccer match and seeing the “Your account has been suspended” error message pop up! Keep customers (and their kids) happy by providing a convenient way to pay their DStv bills.

6. Pay@ bills:

Offer customers the means to keep their credit score squeaky clean by letting them pay their clothing accounts, insurance bills and much more!

7. Easypay bills:

From doctor bills to school fees and even donations, customers can keep their expenses paid without the hassle.

8. Mukuru money transfers:

Sending money home can be confusing to organise and hard to facilitate. Make things more accessible for your customers by giving them a way to send money home with Mukuru money transfers via the iKhokha App.

9. Mama Money transfers:

Help customers send money internationally with Mama Money. Serving over 50 countries across Africa, Asia and Europe, you’ll be providing a whole other level of convenience!

10. Traffic fines:

Customers sped themselves into a traffic fine? Save them the trouble of further trouble by giving them the option to pay their fine at your shop. 

How Does iK Prepaid Work?

To get started, you’ll first need to have an iKhokha card machine or the iKhokha App. If you want to sell printed vouchers, you’ll need a card machine. But if you only want to sell digital vouchers that are sent via SMS, downloading the iKhokha App on your smartphone will do.

Next, you’ll need to top up your prepaid balance. This is the balance of money that you use to buy airtime, prepaid vouchers and digital products from us. You can top-up your prepaid balance with cash at an ABSA ATM, or with an EFT from your bank account.

Once you start selling prepaid products, you’ll start earning sales commission. This money will be paid out to you in the first week of every month, for all the sales you made in the previous month, and it’ll reflect in your prepaid balance.

So, a customer walks into your shop with some cash and wants to buy some airtime. Here’s what iK Prepaid looks like in action!

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Grow Your Business with iK Prepaid

So, if you're looking for a way to take your business to the next level and delight your customers with added convenience, iK Prepaid is the perfect solution. Start exploring the possibilities of iK Prepaid today and watch your business thrive!

For more information on using iK Prepaid, check out our Help Centre!