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Farm Gate Family Butchery - iKhokha Merchant Stories

Farm Gate Family Butchery is a proudly South African butchery with two things every business needs: great prices and friendly service. Here's their story.

Farm Gate Family Butchery - iKhokha Merchant Stories

Meat & greet at Farm Gate!

Last week, I headed up to Howick with our iKhokha Product team to chat to Grant Reed and Morné Vorster, owners of Farm Gate Family Butchery. Based at the new Dulcet Centre, this proudly South African butchery has two things every business needs: great prices and friendly service. We loved learning more about what they do and what they offer.

So Morné, tell us a little about Farm Gate Butchery?
Hey Sam, so Farm Gate was established roughly nine months ago by Grant and I – two best friends. We met at church one day and decided to give this a go. And…here we are nine months later – and we are doing pretty well. I’ve got a profit share in the business and he is the main McCoy. We are situated here in the Dulcet Centre, in-between Merrivale and Howick Main Road, and offer a much higher quality product and much better service – and it seems to be working very, very well at this point in time haha.

I believe the Dulcet Centre is going to be on the map in a big way.

What inspired the concept Farm Gate Butchery?
Grant has always had a passion for farming cattle and this December I will have been in the meat industry for 29 years. Jees, that’s all I know! So, I was at the point of starting something on my own and Grant was at the point of starting something on his own. So, one day we had a chat and said, “hang on, let’s just give this a go.” Sam, we didn’t know each other from a bar of soap, and since we met in church, we said it must be divine intervention.

Who or what inspires you / your brand?
There’s only one inspiration I draw from, and that is the word of God, and I live by that. In terms of meat and the business, I’m inspired by excellence, new things, by customers walking in and wanting something different. I love that we’ve just taken on a Sous Chef who’ll be preparing ready-to-eat meals and who will also be conducting demos right here, in the store. If a customer has a question, we will have a Sous Chef on hand, ready to help – and that’s different.

What book are you currently reading?
The Bible.

Why did you choose iKhokha?
Actually, we looked at a number of service providers, including rates and all the rest of it – and chose the iKhokha Shaker Solo card machine. The service is fantastic! We deal with Dylan. He’s so passionate about what he does. When you have a problem, he solves it within 5 minutes. If he can’t, he gets someone to help. That is the ethos we have at Farm Gate too. We address things immediately. So, it’s safe to say that he fits into our culture very nicely.

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Morné, what’s your recipe for success?
Perseverance. Definitely perseverance. It builds character, and character gives you hope.

What is your vision for Farm Gate in the next 5 years?
It’s big, haha, it’s very big. We don’t just want one store. We’d like to expand into different areas and open other branches, strategically, using this premises as the mother company. Where we are situated plays a major role in how the business grows. Farm Gate is brand new. It’s not something that was handed down through generations. We’ve picked it up from the ground. It’s taken blood, sweat and tears to get to where we are. And we are so positive about its future.

What’s your advice to young entrepreneurs who are just starting out?
I think it was Churchill’s address to his ex-school that sticks in my mind. In his speech, the only thing he said, on that stage, was “never ever give up.” And that was his whole speech. Those are the four words of advice that I would give to any entrepreneur. NEVER EVER GIVE UP.

How do people get a hold of you?
For orders: 082 774 6431
Email: sales@farmgate.co.za
Facebook: Farm Gate Family Butchery

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