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Meet the #iKTribe: Prom Mfeka

The #iKTribe is a family, built on different personalities, backgrounds, talents and abilities. Meet Prom Mfeka, our Social Media Guru.

Meet the #iKTribe: Prom Mfeka

The #iKTribe is a family, built on different personalities, backgrounds, talents and abilities – who are all drawn together out of the need to shake things up in the fintech space.

We’d like to introduce you to them.

If you’ve been to our social channels, you would have read her signature phrase: “Hi, this is Prom from iKhokha.” So, meet Promise Mfeka, our Social Media Guru who I had a chance of catching up with:

Tell us, who is Promise?
She is lighthearted, bubbly, easy-going, always down-to-have-fun type of girl. Totally obsessed with makeup, beauty and pop culture. Your typical 21 year old girl. Damn, she sounds amazing haha!

On a serious note, I’ve always had big dreams and a vision to be more and achieve more. I have a BCom degree at Vega School of Brand Management – and have always wanted to go into marketing and advertising.

What’s your role at iKhokha?
At iKhokha, I am the Social Media Manager. The face behind the words you receive on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Who is Prom outside of iKhokha?
I am both the person who loves to stay in, and go out with friends.

What’s your biggest strength?
My biggest strength is my vision. I think I see and believe things differently than the normal 21 year old. I see things for what they could be. I also love people and speaking to people, helping them out, making sure they’re okay.

What’s the name of the last book you read?
“It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be” by Paul Arden.

Your advice to yourself on how to handle a stressful situation?
Take a time out! Walk away from the situation and grab a coffee. Think about the situation from all sides and break it down into small chunks. Oh my gosh…I guess I really should start practicing what I preach though (she laughs and rolls over).

If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

If you were a wrestler, what would be your entrance theme song?
Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio.

Describe iKhokha in one word?

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