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Business made better with iK Cash Advance

Do more for your business with an instant Cash Advance. Get quick, simple and fuss-free business funding in just 3 clicks.

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What’s an iK Cash Advance?

The easiest way to access instant small business funding to grow your business, however you want to.

Get up to R1 million in funding.
Your offer is based on how much you’ve traded with iKhokha.
Pay back with a small percentage deducted from daily card sales.
No credit checks for offers under R500 000.
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No contracts
There are better things than paperwork – so you don’t do any.
Accept your offer and get funding in 24 hours.
Over 20 000 businesses have grown with an iK Cash Advance!
How do I qualify for an iK Cash Advance?
  1. Be an active iKhokha merchant for at least 3 consecutive months.
  2. Make more than R2 500 in sales per month.

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Merchants saw


growth in sales over 3 months after taking an iK Cash Advance.

How to get started

If you’re already with iKhokha, open your app to view your iK Cash Advance status. If not, sign up and start trading with one of our card machines.

Feel inspired

“iKhokha helped me with instant cash injections in the form of iK Cash Advance. Sometimes, you lose hope in business when you don’t have enough capital, and iKhokha supported me so much during that time.”

Where to find your iK Cash Advance offers

You can only view Cash Advance offers on the iKhokha App.

Product Features

  • 1
    Sign up to create your free iKhokha profile.
  • 2
    Download the iKhokha App from your app store and login using your profile's details.
  • 3
    Tap “iK Cash” to see if you qualify and how much you could get.
  • 4
    Accept an offer you’re happy with to get funding in 24 hours.
  • 5
    Keep a healthy repayment history to qualify for more funds with an iK Cash Advance Top Up.

Easy repayments

Every swipe, insert and tap helps you pay back your iK Cash Advance.
Your iK Cash Advance is paid off through a small percentage being deducted from future card sales. This means that you only pay back whilst you are making sales through your iKhokha card machine.

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Not sure where to start?Find the products, inspiration and resources you need, tailored to where you are on your path.


Your business must be trading for 3 months consecutively and have a minimum monthly turnover of R2 500 in order to qualify. Ts and Cs apply.

We don’t tell you how to use your funding. No one knows your business better than you – you are free to decide how you want to use it.

Disbursement takes place on the first business day after signing. Your funds should be in your bank account within 24 hours of disbursement (subject to your bank’s turnaround times).

Payment is made via split processing: a specified percentage of your daily turnover will be used to pay back your advance.

Need help?

Get help instantly on WhatsApp, our chatbot Kelly, or by requesting a callback.

You can also call  087 222 7000  or email  support@ikhokha.com