PosterPoint of sale with integrated payments & stock management.

Fast, reliable and fully integrated with iKhokha’s card machines. It is an easy-to-use point of sale and stock management system giving you the power to manage your business’ day-to-day operations from anywhere in the world.

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You should be communicating with guests, not software.

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Manage Stock

Amongst other features, Poster is a holistic stock management tool

poster manage suppliers icon

Manage Suppliers

Stay on top of shrinkage by adding suppliers to your stock management tool

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Intuitive and fast, Poster is an SME's best friend

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Starting from R660/month, point of sale has never been more accessible or affordable

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POS system restaurants
POS Stock Management
Point of Sale Menu items

Eliminate human error and grow your business with this revolutionary cloud based point of sale that boasts integrated payments from iKhokha

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Kevin D | July 2019

I have just started using this app. It is simply the best app I have seen in 25 years in the bar industry. Customer support is fast and very knowledgeable. All round good experience.

What is Poster Shop?

Poster Shop is an added feature that is available to all Poster Clients. Essentially it creates an e-comm store for Poster clients to allow for orders and deliveries.

iKhokha is offering Poster clients the benefit of having Poster Shop for free until the End of July 2020.
If you wish to keep the Poster Shop, a monthly fee of R285 ex vat will apply.

STEP 1: Choose a POS software package

Poster works on a subscription model. Pay monthly and save on automation. The first 14 days are free.


Shop, Kiosk

3000 products

Product management
Staff management with access control
Inventory control
Analytics and reporting with export
Customer loyalty programs
Product Catalogue
1 register included
Staff, customer, supplies
License fee:

Cafe, bar

500 dishes

All from Retail plus:
Table layouts
Kitchen or bar station
Separate or split tabs
License fee:

Store, restaurant

15000 products
or 1500 dishes

All from Hospitality plus:
1 additional register
License fee:
Retail POS System

Shop, kiosk

Hospitality POS System

Cafe, bar

Enterprise POS System

Store, restaurant

3000 products

Product management, categorisation & Inventory control
Staff management with access controlled logins
Analytics and reporting with exporting functions
Customer loyalty programs and Promotions
Staff, customer and supplier record management
1 POSter software license
License fee:

500 dishes

Everything from Retail including:
Customise table layouts
Create a kitchen, bar or custom station to receive orders
Split customer bills
Track & manage the usage of your ingredients
License fee:

15000 products or 1500 dishes

Everything from Hospitality including:
1 additional POSter software license
License fee:
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STEP 2: Choose a hardware bundle

Integrate a hardware bundle with the Poster software for a fully integrated POS setup.

poster ikhokha kitchen bundle

No Device Bundle

8 Coin Cash Drawer
10" Tablet & Secure Stand
Countertop Printer
Huawei Router B315


R12 195

inc. VAT

or R1,255/deposit & R665/week for 24 weeks

poster ikhokha mover bundle

Mover Bundle

iKhokha Mover Pro
Mover Stand
8 Coin Cash Drawer
10" Tablet & Secure Stand
Countertop Printer
Huawei Router B315


R13 999

inc. VAT

or R1,560/deposit & R825/week for 24 weeks

poster ikhokha shaker bundle

Shaker Bundle

iKhokha Shaker
8 Coin Cash Drawer
10" Tablet & Secure Stand
Countertop Printer
Huawei Router B315


R14 499

inc. VAT

or R1,600/deposit & R846/week for 24 weeks

poster ikhokha kitchen bundle

Shaker Solo Bundle

iKhokha Shaker Solo
8 Coin Cash Drawer
10" Tablet & Secure Stand
Countertop Printer
Huawei Router B315


R15 249

inc. VAT

or R1,650/deposit & R872/week for 24 weeks

* Require more or need something different? Chat to a Poster Pro on 087 222 7000 to create a custom Poster solution for your business.

Optional add-ons

ikhokha bluetooth barcode scanner and docking station

Bluetooth barcode scanner and docking station

R2 999

ikhokha 7 inch kitchen tablet and tablet stand

7" Kitchen tablet and tablet stand

R3 748

Get a call back >Get a call backDownload e-Brochure

STEP 3: Additional Poster services

The Poster setup is easy. However, if you prefer to not get your hands dirty, let a Point of Sale Professional help you set up shop.

poster installation and training icon

Installation & training

Poster installation, setup and basic onsite training

Poster Back Office setup and training for Poster POS users - Inclusive of a 100km round trip radius from Umhlanga Rocks, Durban.

*Additional km’s will be billed for at AA rates.


R2 239

INCL. vat

poster load stock items icon

Load stock items

Remote Poster software configuration:

• Loading of all products & suppliers

Information supplied by customer on an Excel spreadsheet.



R1 779

INCL. vat

poster callouts icon

Ad hoc call outs

Callout fee per hour within a 100km radius from Umhlanga Rocks, Durban.

*Additional km’s will be billed for at AA rates.
Chat to a Poster Pro on
087 222 7000 at no charge.



INCL. vat

Manage your business from anywhere

Poster has a fully functional Back Office. Manage your restaurant, café or shop from anywhere in the world

poster dashboard screen
Detailed reports
Simple, powerful business intelligence tools visually show your success
A report on every transaction, collection, cash shifts opening and finishing
Inventory checks
Add supplies, make inventory checks conveniently, and discover faults or theft
Ingredients are automatically deducted from the inventory according to the recipe after each sale
poster reports icon

Simple and powerful reports

Instantly check sales, profits, stock levels, receipts, guest count and average order value

poster secure storage icon

Secure storage for your data

We make automatic backups three times a day. The management console uses secure HTTPS protocol

poster cash shifts icon

Cash shifts

Poster compares expected and declared cash and notifies you if something went wrong

Manage your business with Poster Boss

Monitor sales and transaction reports on your cell phone, anywhere, anytime.

poster manage business icon

Manage your business from anywhere, at anytime

poster sales analysis icon

Analyse your sales data by date range

poster daily sales graph icon

View daily sales at a glance

poster statistics graph icon

View detailed statistics by product category

Compatible with
point of sale mobile software

Allow your customers
to pay in advance

To make a prepayment or non-cash settlement without actual cards at office canteens, resorts or hotels, you can use e-Wallets.
For example, there are cases when parents don’t want to give the child cash for lunch in the cafeteria.
Instead, they top up the e-Wallet at Poster to use this money to pay for lunch at school.

POS management system

Real-time inventory

View ingredients and product inventory in real-time. Set low stock thresholds and get automatic alerts when it's time to re-stock.

track sales | iKhokha POS System
poster supplies management icon

Perfect supplies management

Quickly add supplies to your inventory and stay on top of shrinkage

poster cost calculation icon

Automatic cost calculation

Once you add a stock item, Poster will automatically recalculate costs for all of your products as well as profits from your previous sales