Cloud based point of sale with integrated payments.

Manage all areas of your business in one place with Poster: a robust, intuitive and fully integrated cloud based POS solution that’s powered by iKhokha.

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POS and inventory management for cafes, restaurants, and stores

We've partnered with Poster - the best in point-of-sale and stock management. Fast, reliable and integrated

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You should be communicating with guests, not software.

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Manage Stock

Amongst other features, Poster is a holistic stock management tool

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Manage Suppliers

Stay on top of shrinkage by adding suppliers to your stock management tool

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Intuitive and fast, Poster is an SME's best friend

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Starting from R660/month, point of sale has never been more accessible or affordable

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Eliminate human error and grow your business with this revolutionary cloud based point of sale that boasts integrated payments from iKhokha

What does integrated payments mean?

Using the iKhokha and Poster integration means that all of your card, cash and loyalty payments are captured in one place.

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Accurate figures

Seamless cash-ups

Single view recon

Manage your business from anywhere

Poster has a fully functional Back Office. Manage your restaurant, café or shop from anywhere in the world

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Detailed reports
Simple, powerful business intelligence tools visually show your success
A report on every transaction, collection, cash shifts opening and finishing
Inventory checks
Add supplies, make inventory checks conveniently, and discover faults or theft
Ingredients are automatically deducted from the inventory according to the recipe after each sale
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Simple and powerful reports

Instantly check sales, profits, stock levels, receipts, guest count and average order value

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Secure storage for your data

We make automatic backups three times a day. The management console uses secure HTTPS protocol

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Cash shifts

Poster compares expected and declared cash and notifies you if something went wrong

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Manage your business with Poster Boss

Monitor sales and transaction reports on your cell phone, anywhere, anytime.

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Manage your business from anywhere, at anytime

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Analyse your sales data by date range

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View daily sales at a glance

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View detailed statistics by product category

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Powerful features for free

Easily configure your seating layout, push orders to your kitchen, capture prep methods and track inventory on the fly.

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Configure layout

Replicate your shop layout

Separate orders between kitchen & bar

Allocate waiters to specific tables

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Add kitchen kit

Seamlessly push orders to your kitchen

Display cooking method to kitchen staff

Reflect dish completion time to front of house

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Quickly build your menu or catalogue

Whether you move from an existing point of sale system or start from scratch, filling in the menu won’t take much of your time.

Quickly capture:

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Instantly add ready-to-sell products

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List ingredients that go into your dishes

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Break down the preparation stages of each dish to guide your kitchen

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Add your dishes. Poster will track ingredients, stock levels and guide dish preparation

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Real-time inventory

View ingredients and product inventory in real-time. Set low stock thresholds and get automatic alerts when it's time to re-stock.

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Perfect supplies management

Quickly add supplies to your inventory and stay on top of shrinkage

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Automatic cost calculation

Once you add a stock item, Poster will automatically recalculate costs for all of your products as well as profits from your previous sales


Powerful marketing tools

Choose your marketing program and reward loyal customers.

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Manual discounts

Add customers and manually set a discount group for them

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Discount-based program

Loyal customers will automatically receive discounts when they reach a purchase target

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Points-based program

Customers get points from every purchase, which they can use to pay for further orders

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