Sell airtime & data

Sell airtime & data

Vend prepaid airtime, data and SMS bundles to your customers

Sell prepaid utilities

Sell prepaid utilities

Your customers can buy prepaid electricity, water and gas

Settle bill payments

Settle bill payments

You can settle customers EasyPay or Pay@ bills, including traffic fines and DStv

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What can you sell?

With iK Vend, you can sell prepaid products directly to your customers using the iKhokha app and your iKhokha Mover Pro or Shaker Duo.

Telkom Bills
EasyPay Bills
Prepaid Gas
DStv Bills
Pay@ Bills
Traffic Fines
And more...
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Getting Started with iK Vend 

Whether you're a current merchant or new to the iK Tribe, trade with iK Vend and increase your product offering, whilst giving your customers that extra level of convenience! 

Already an iK Merchant?

If you’re already an iK merchant, you can start trading with iK Vend right away! 

Step 1: Open the iKhokha app 
Step 2: Tap the menu and select iK Vend 
Step 3: Start exploring and selling prepaid products from
your phone! 

Want to get the most out of iK Vend? 

Download this infographic and get to grips with our in-app prepaid vending service.

Interested in iK Vend?

To enjoy the full iK Vend experience, you’ll need an iKhokha card machine and your smartphone.

Getting started with us is super easy. Simply fill in the call back form and we’ll be in touch. 

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Everything you need to know about iK Vend 

Ready to start trading with iK Vend? Getting up and running is easy. Watch these videos to find out how to use iK Vend to grow your business.

Want to start selling iK Vend?

If you’re a real go-getter, you can also get started by visiting our online store. Get your card machine and sign up with iKhokha to start vending prepaid products and services with iK Vend.

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Learn more about iK Vend

Find out everything you need to know about iK Vend and selling prepaid products

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