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7 Tips to Attract People to your Product

Invest in your strategy as much as your product. Read up on 7 ways to tick off both boxes and attract people to your product.

7 Tips to Attract People to your Product
Make every customer experience a memorable one.

It’s the innate message that we convey to our customers which ultimately moves people. And, far more important than that is how we create a particular state of mind that will make our customers more open to what we have to offer. For example, offering someone coffee – according to research, when someone is holding something warm, it makes them more receptive and generous. Candy store shoppers are also more likely to buy an item if they receive a free chocolate upon entering the store. I know I would.

This is simply because so many things that shape our frame of mind are so basic and so automatic that they aren’t really part of a deliberative process. The good news? You too can tilt those primary instincts of your customer in favour of your product.” –Samantha Gounden

Here are 7 tips to help you attract customers to your product and stay on top of your game:

#1 Spotlight your unique features

If you showcase the benefits that are generic to your product category can convince a customer to buy… but not necessarily from you! Use benefits that differentiate you from the competition:

#2 Use simple language

Customers will easily remember your product if the message is conveyed using simple but strong words that evoke emotion. Making them recall a positive feeling, emotion or even memory is vital.

#3 Keep your USPs short & Avoid jargon

Most people can only hold 2 or a maximum of 3 thoughts at any given time – short-term memory you see. So, a long and drawn out list of benefits will only cause unnecessary confusion.

For example, instead of saying: “Here are the top 10 benefits of using our product,” rather say: “The two most important things to remember are.”

Nothing kills off emotion like the use of business clichés and technical terminology. In order to purchase your product, a potential customer needs to understand the need for it in their lives. Using technical terms that are most often only understood by a niche community automatically deters someone and is bad for business.

#4 The word FREE works like magic

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Offering to give away something for free not only attracts people to you, reminding them you exist, but it also gives sceptical customers a risk-free way of trying out your product. Remember, once you get their buy-in, word will spread.

#5 Run a competition

Wanting to win is a natural emotion. We all enjoy the excitement and thrill of a winning a prize and for a lot people, the prize doesn’t matter as much as being hailed the winner. Whatever the reason, the need to participate in a competition will draw them to you or your product.

Start a competition. Host it on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and also traditional marketing like posters and banner etc.

#6 Get Listed on Directories

We owe a great big thanks to the internet for enabling small businesses to be listed in local directories. Being listed means that anyone anywhere in the world can now find your business and view your contact information. Some of the most popular ones out there are Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Places.

#7 Word-of-mouth

A happy and satisfied customer is definitely one of the most successful advertising tools for any business.

Word-of-mouth is the oldest form of marketing and it WORKS. It’s human nature to relay an experience. So if you make sure you have a positive effect on a customer, not only will they come back, but they will also tell everyone, friends, family, colleagues and even chat about it online.

Now that you know, it’s action time! If you try to make experiences and interactions better for your customers, they WILL notice. Understand them and support their business needs through words, attitudes and most importantly, actions. Click here for ways to delight your customers.

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