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Meet the #iKTribe: Phumelele Mzindle aka Pam

The #iKTribe is a family, built personalities, backgrounds, talents and abilities. Meet Pam, our warm, friendly and helpful people person here at iKhokha.

Meet the #iKTribe: Phumelele Mzindle aka Pam

The #iKTribe is a family, built on different personalities, backgrounds, talents and abilities – who are all drawn together out of the need to shake things up in the fintech space.

Meet Pam, everyones best friend at iKhokha. She’s always ready to assist with all debit and credit card machine related queries.

Who is Pam?
I am funny, loving, head strong but also friendly and definitely very family orientated. I love chilling with my friends and family, oh, and meeting new people. I spend lots of time outdoors enjoying nature and am always seeking new adventures.

What’s your role at iKhokha?
At iKhokha, I am a Customer Relations and Sales Specialist (sounds fancy hey haha). I offer customised solutions and products to merchants, based on their needs, through service excellence and effective communication. I try to help build their businesses by offering them products they need. Why? Because I firmly believe that when our customers grow, we grow too.

Who is Pam outside of iKhokha?
Yoh! Pam is a mother, a sister, a daughter, a partner and a damn good cook (haha). Seriously though, cooking is definitely a hobby I find therapeutic. But wait, cooking with a glass of wine in hand makes me feel even better 😊

What’s your biggest strength?
I have to admit that I am a good listener. I consider myself the Dr Phil of my group (haha). Listening to people and understanding them teaches me valuable lessons that I actually practice daily – because we only live once, so living a life helping others is what I consider a life well lived.

Name of the last book you read?
Mmmm… “Unbecoming to Become” by Ayanda Borotho. This book is about a young black South African woman who faces difficult circumstances and always strives to be better. It taught me a lot about facing adversity; about staring my challenges in the face and tackling them head on because I know I can be the change I want to see. It’s made me want to be a strong woman my son can look up to; and when he one day chooses a life partner, I want to know that I have set a good example of what a good woman is.

Your advice to yourself on how to handle a stressful situation?
Panic creates more stress! So why panic? I always remain calm and try to assess a situation. I look at things from many different angles and then I tackle them one by one, based on the level of priority and significance it holds.

Describe iKhokha in one word.

If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

If you could be on a reality TV show, which one would you choose and why?
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Laughter is the best medicine and I enjoy a good laugh. Let’s face it – Trevor has great talent when it comes to making his audience laugh.

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