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Royalty Hides: Unique Nguni Products

Royalty Hides is a boutique specialising in top grade and unique Nguni rugs, stylish ottomans, accessories and so much more.

Royalty Hides: Unique Nguni Products
Specialists in Hides, Decor and Hospitality
Royalty Hides is an Nguni Boutique specialising in top grade Nguni rugs, stylish ottomans and accessories. All products are proudly South African and manufactured locally. Every piece is unique and looking for a unique home.

I made my way to the Litchi Orchards to visit iKhokha merchant Royalty Hides, owned by Fatima Cele. I chatted to the lovely Mbali Nkosi who took us through the beautiful store that showcased hides, décor, essential oils and so much more.

“Our business portfolio spans across different agriculture platforms such as hides, food & beverage as well as lifestyle.”


The Hides division specialises in the sourcing and supply of raw wet salted cow hides, skins of sheep, goat and selected game skins as well as hooves and cow horns.

Essential oil products

Royalty Oils products are inspired by emerging essential oils growers in KZN. Our current range consists of the pure essential oils as well as linen and room sprays.

The busiest times for the store are holidays and market days. That’s the second week of the month.


The decor division deals with beautiful Nguni and game skin rugs, cushions and antique furniture pieces. You will also find other leather products made from our hides as well engraved skulls and horns. There is only one of each unique piece that’s created, ensuring that your home or office space is one of a kind.


The Hospitality is our food & beverage division, the division birthed the shisa nyama, a fast food attraction called shisa nkukhu and a cordial. The flavours of cordials have been packaged for both drinking and cooking, using honey as its main ingredient with additional flavours like mint, cinnamon, ginger and lemon.

How do people get a hold of you?

Find us on Instagram or via the Litchi Orchards website.
You can also call 071 352 4850 or email info@royaltybrands.co.za.

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