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Mojo’s Carwash & Shisanyama: Durban’s Place to Be for a Taste of Local Kasi Flavour

Mojo’s Carwash & Shisanyama has become a household name in Durban. When you’ve got plans at Mojo’s, that can only mean moja cuisine, an immaculate car wash and a good couple of hours of ultimate VIBES.

Mojo’s Carwash & Shisanyama: Durban’s Place to Be for a Taste of Local Kasi Flavour

From humble beginnings to a now thriving business eKasi, Mojo’s Carwash & Shisanyama is what every Kasi business owner’s dreams are made of. This success story is guaranteed to inspire you and ignite your entrepreneurial fire.

After hearing about their raving reviews, spirit-lifting ambiance and service that never skips a beat, we just had to catch up with two favourites in the Mojo’s team, Managing Director Zanele Khumalo and Head Chef Sophie Khumalo. Here’s what they had to say about Mojo’s and what it’s like being at the helm of a flourishing business in the heart of Durban.

First up is Zanele Khumalo, who tells us a little about Mojo’s as a young start-up.

Let’s Talk About Mojo’s. How Did this Booming Business Start Out?

Mojo’s Car Wash and Shisanyama was established in 2005. The founder is Sibusiso Khumalo, who is our Head Chef’s husband and our brother. 

So initially, we were just “Mojo’s Corner Car Wash”. And all Lindo and the team used to do was wash cars without the niceties that we now have for washing cars.So, they used to use buckets and did their car washes but the car wash itself has grown, and we’ve further grown into the restaurant industry and into the entertainment industry, as we like to do events.

What Was the Purpose Behind Mojo’s?

The main reason why uSibusiso opened the company was to create employment. Not just for the locals but more for himself. Because as much as unemployment is at a high level now, it has been something that has always affected us, especially those of us who don’t come from the suburbs. 

What we do with the community is that we run NGO drives where we partake in things like sharing food.When it comes to people with NGOs, we assist them when we can. We sponsor whatever it is that they might need, so that we aren’t just a business that makes money in the community, but we also have a positive input on the whole community. 

What Do You Enjoy Most About What You Do?

I must say the favourite part about my job is the people. The people in general; the famous and the non-famous. So, definitely the people that I work with, our team and the customers that come to our spot every day.

What is Mojo’s Most Well-Known For?

What I would say we are best known for is our respectful service.

As a team - staff members - we work as a family. We live as a family, as we’re on site. So, that family feeling is something we exude even to our customers. 

We want for you, whether it’s your first time here or you come here every day, we want you to feel the genuine love that we have for you. The appreciation that we have for you. So, the family feeling that we give each other, we always do our level-best, even with staff, to ensure that it is given to our customers.

What Should You Do After a Big Weekend?

Monday, actually, for the buffet here! The chef and her people make sure we have a variety of soups to take away the hangover blues.

Tell Us How iKhokha Has Made it Easier to Run Mojo’s

So iKhokha, we were introduced to it by uSbu. He’s been a customer here for quite a while and he came through obviously knowing the type of business that we do. He told us about the speed point services that you guys offer.

Our favourite part was that based on usage, our rates could decrease even further. So, we made the full switch over. At first, we had just one but now we’ve got five of the big ones on site – the iK Flyer.

So, initially, we said, “Let’s check it out, let’s see if it’ll work for us.” But the staff love it because it’s simpler than the other bank-associated machines. 

Then, it was chef Sophie’s turn to share some words of wisdom and to tell us all about her delicious shisanyama.

What’s One Piece of Advice You’d Give to a Business Owner?

I would say consistency. Know how to work with people as well. Be approachable. Be willing to listen to other people and get as much information as you can. You do as much research as you can, and you must love the thing that you say want to do. 

What's the Secret to the Perfect Shisanyama?

It’s the way you spice your meat. It’s how you marinate your meat and finding out from the customer who’s here for our service if they like certain things. We don’t just assume that everyone will want their meat marinated. 

We have different things that we ask our customers to know their preferences. And then there’s some secret ingredients that I won’t reveal, but when it comes to putting ingredients together, just know that we get busy. And our meat is always fresh, and we order it daily. 

The Mojo’s (Secret) Recipe to Success: Local Flavours, Kasi Vibes and Humble Spirits

The Mojo’s story is some serious soul-food (pun 100% intended) that’ll awaken your entrepreneurial spirit and inspire you to take that first step starting your very own thriving business. Because why not?

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