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25 Free Podcasts to Motivate You as an Entrepreneur

Podcasting is the newest global sensation. And of the more than 2 million podcasts that are available, many of them are for you - the hustling, bustling, and determined entrepreneur. 

25 Free Podcasts to Motivate You as an Entrepreneur

In 2023, if you have a notable online presence then you probably have a podcast as well, or at the very least have featured on one. There are now over 2 million podcasts available across multiple platforms, each with its own unique charm and with helpful information for its desired target audience.

Although the two do not influence each other, the rise of podcasting has paralleled the recent rush to entrepreneurship. As such, many podcasts cater directly to entrepreneurs and those who want to grow as business leaders.

Life as an entrepreneur can be challenging and often a very lonely experience. But luckily, for any aspiring entrepreneur, there are many podcasts to motivate, educate, and keep you company as you embark on the arduous task of starting and running a business.

So today, we’ll be taking a look at 25 podcasts that will help keep your entrepreneurial fire burning bright. From America to South Africa, England to Mauritius, these podcasts will be a helpful reminder of why you chose the difficult yet liberating and satisfying path of entrepreneurship. 

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25 Motivational Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

1. The Money Show

We begin our list with a weekly offering from South Africa. The Money Show is hosted by journalist and author, Bruce Whitfield, who welcomes CEOs, industry experts, and entrepreneurs who are making waves in Mzansi. Bruce questions his guests on how they perceive money and they respond by drawing from their experiences as proven money-makers.

2. The Lebo Lion Show

Lebo Lion is a digital marketer, entrepreneur, and author who has created a learning hub for creatives, entrepreneurs, and professionals to share monetisation techniques that can be used to help build the business and life of their dreams.

3. How I Built This with Guy Raz

This podcast is all about how some of the world’s best-known entrepreneurs built their iconic brands, with lessons on what you can do to replicate their success.

4. The Hustler’s Corner SA

The next podcast on our list is brought to you by South African media icon, DJ Sbu. The show welcomes top hustlers from around the world to share their stories and tips on what it means to never give up on the hustle. DJ Sbu aims to engage and inspire the younger generation and future leaders of South Africa and the rest of the continent.

5. The Tim Ferriss Show

Arguably the world’s biggest entrepreneurship podcast, host Tim Ferriss digs deep into world-class performers from across the globe to better understand the tactics and tricks that they used for their own success. With more than 900 million downloads worldwide, it is clear that there are many who are grateful for the valuable lessons shared by Tim and his guests.

6. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Gary Vaynerchuck is an accomplished entrepreneur, CEO, investor, content creator, and speaker, and he interviews guests of the same stature to compare notes on what it takes to prosper in business.

7. Entrepreneurs Talk Africa

Direct from the island of Mauritius, this podcast is hosted by Gerald Ami, Jason Delorie and Marc Israel, seasoned entrepreneurs and business experts with a passion for African innovation. It has weekly, in-depth interviews with startup founders and entrepreneurs from across Africa to uncover the unique stories of the continent’s trailblazers.

8. Africa on Focus

This weekly podcast from the BBC is rooted in the Netherlands and hosted by musical artist MS.ABA, and it engages with sharing the success stories of young Africans in Africa and from the diaspora.

9. Startup Stories - Mixergy

In another podcast that is extremely popular all around the world, Andrew Warner hosts this hard-hitting show that asks seasoned entrepreneurs difficult questions about their journeys to success. Andrew always manages to uncover the hidden truths, so be sure to have your notepad ready as you listen to this one.

10. Startup

This documentary series about entrepreneurial life started all the way back in 2014 and has been revered for its unique format and storytelling style. Join hosts Lisa Chow and Alex Blumberg as they get to the bottom of what it’s really like to start a business.

11. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Show

Hosted by serial entrepreneurs Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and Michael Bosstick, The Skinny Confidential is all about sharing wellness, business, beauty, and lifestyle tips for the get-up-and-go entrepreneur. Lauryn and Michael make learning about life improvement fun, emotional, and memorable.

12. VT Podcast “Ideas That Matter”

Vusi Thembekwayo is one of South Africa’s most well-known business moguls. Known as an in-demand catalyst for business change, Vusi uses his podcast to share the valuable lessons he’s learned from working with C-suite executives and entrepreneurs from all around the world.

13. The Healthy Business Show

Discovery in South Africa is a giant in insurance, investing, and banking, and it has developed The Healthy Business Show to inspire entrepreneurs to make better business decisions in their aspirations for success.

14. On Purpose with Jay Shetty

This podcast is one for the soul! It may not be explicitly about entrepreneurship, but it deals with thought leaders from diverse backgrounds who share their knowledge and wisdom about what it takes to survive this rat race called life. For that extra motivational boost to keep you fired up in life, look no further than On Purpose.

15. The Flip

The Flip is brought to you by SA-based, American ex-pat Justin Norman and executive producer Sayo Folawiyo. The show explores how technology is being used in Africa to flip the script on some of the negative narratives that are being spread about entrepreneurship on the continent.

16. Seedpod

Lael Rael brings this inspirational, informative, and entertaining podcast series that celebrates the men and women who are shaping the world through social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and design.

17. The Curious Cult

Nic Haralambous calls all listeners to embrace change and lead with curiosity because curious people change the world, and curious businesses outmanoeuvre their competitors. Nic invites curious leaders onto the show to share their strange and wonderful journeys in business and life.

18. The Smallstarter Business Podcast

This is one of the most comprehensive podcasts for practical tips, advice, and insights that will improve your chances of starting, growing, or turning around your business in Africa. Nigerian business strategy specialist John-Paul Iwuoha takes listeners down the rabbit hole of the strategies that you need in order to run a successful business in Africa.

19. The African Business Podcast

The hosts of this podcast switch between multiple award-winning journalists, and they use their expertise, humour, and connection to some of Africa’s top innovators to deliver an all-inclusive breakdown of the happenings around the continent. As an African, you cannot help but praise The African Business Podcast for the way it accurately portrays the endearing nature of the African people.

20. HBR IdeaCast

The world-renowned Harvard Business Review offers up a weekly platform for leading thinkers in business and management to share their stories of success.

21. The 10 Minute Entrepreneur

If you’re looking for fast, practical, and hard-hitting tips for how to flourish as an entrepreneur and small business owner, then Sean Castina’s 10 Minute Entrepreneur has everything you need, and more!

22. How Success Happens

The title says it all! Learn from industry leaders across all professions to understand what it takes to make excellence possible. Robert Tuchman is a seasoned entrepreneur and the knowledgeable host of this podcast.

23. My African Startup Story

Tonee Ndungu hosts this remarkable show that documents the highs and lows of African startup founders both in Africa and abroad. The show details “the unromanticized madness that goes into this amazing but demanding continent.”

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24. The James Altucher Show with James Altucher

In his podcast, James Altucher is interested in the tough times that leaders have had to endure and the resilience that they’ve shown in finding their own path to financial freedom, and their ability to create more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

25. The Bigshot Business Podcast

Finally, in this captivating show, Linkford Biz works toward proving that Africa is not an emerging business frontier; it has always been one! Together with his guests, Linkford explores real-world experiences that are shaping Africa’s business frontier. If you want to know how to start and run a successful business in Africa, be sure to tune in to this one.

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Motivation for Innovation

Well, there you have it. 25 podcasts from around the world that will keep you inspired as an entrepreneur and teach you valuable lessons to help you along the way. Just remember that there are over 2 million podcasts available, so the one you are looking for could still be out there. But if you start with this list, you cannot go wrong in finding a podcast that will give you extra motivation as you continue to innovate and shape the South African business landscape.