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International Women's Day: Honouring the Women in Business Who Inspire Us

At iKhokha, we’re choosing to celebrate International Women’s Day by honouring women in business in South Africa - and the women in our business who are essential in our mission to help SMEs thrive.

International Women's Day: Honouring the Women in Business Who Inspire Us

International Women's Day is a celebration of women's achievements and a call to action for gender equality. It is a day when we honour the incredible contributions that women have made throughout history and recognise the challenges they still face today.

The theme for International Women's Day 2023 is "Choose to Challenge." This theme urges us to challenge gender bias and inequality, to call out stereotypes, and to create a more inclusive world. Empowering women in business is key to achieving this goal. 

Did you know that only 23% of tech jobs in South Africa are held by women? While we can be proud that this number continues to grow, the question remains: what’s holding us back?

The 2022 KnowBe4 Women’s Day survey highlighted the following insights from women in South Africa:

  • 72.5% had an interest in tech before getting into the industry
  • 78% expressed how important they felt it is to mentor young women early in their careers
  • 95% had positive sentiments about their roles in the tech space

These numbers clearly indicate that women in South Africa are ready to claim their spot in tech. And we’re here to do our bit to support them!

Honouring the Women in the iKTribe

We are proud to have built a team that’s diverse in many aspects. By celebrating our diversity, we tap into the magic of shared experiences and different cultural backgrounds which influence how the team approaches their jobs and ultimately, helps us perform incredibly well as a business.

The women in our business are the epitome of grit and ceaseless determination – qualities that are essential to helping us live our vision and strive for excellence. From our customer service team to our software developers and leadership team, women are leading the way at iKhokha.

With our focus set on establishing a thriving team and breaking barriers in fintech (of course), we recognise the massive impact that the women in the iK Tribe have had on our progress thus far. We are committed to creating an environment where women can thrive, and we are continuously working to improve our policies, practices, and culture to support their success.

The Road Ahead

We’ve heard it all before. The loud hailer that rings when it’s time to celebrate the incredible women in our lives who make things happen. But how deep does that recognition go? How much do we really appreciate the women in our midst and what do we do to honour them on a daily basis? When the numbers paint a different picture than fancy social media posts, we know it’s time. Time to change the narrative.

Change comes with action. While the catalyst that leads us to act may leave us feeling uncomfortable and desperate for something more, it’s all a part of the process to growth and a better future.

Choose to Challenge

On this International Women's Day, we want to challenge ourselves and our community to do more to support gender equality. We encourage everyone to use their voice, their platform, and their resources to create a more inclusive world. Whether it’s supporting women-owned businesses, advocating for policies that promote gender equality, or mentoring and empowering the next generation of women leaders, we all have a role to play.