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How to Log In to the iKhokha App

Purchased your iKhokha card machine? Great! Let's get you logged in to the app by following the super easy steps below.

How to Log In to the iKhokha App

Logging into the iKhokha App

If you’ve bought your iKhokha card machine, the next step is to get you logged in. First, make sure that the correct iKhokha app is installed on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Then, follow the easy steps below to get started:

  • Open the iKhokha app
  • If you are using the Android app click on sign in
  • You will be prompted to enter an email address and password (this would be the same email address and password you used to sign up with iKhokha)
  • Click on sign in / login

There we go. You’re now all set!