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iKhokha Transaction Fees Best in SA

iKhokha transaction rates create financial inclusion throughout SA. Here is a handy breakdown of our transaction rates. Now you can afford a card machine.

iKhokha Transaction Fees Best in SA

Best Rates in South Africa

We make card acceptance accessible to everyone by having the most affordable solution for all entrepreneurs. The transaction fee is the small percentage that merchants will have for all transactions done through their card machine or online payment gateway. This is a rate that all banks and independent providers have, including us. We, however, aim to maintain the lowest possible rate to alleviate the exclusivity and include all business owners, regardless of the size of the business.

To top the lowest rates in South Africa, we give merchants the opportunity to purchase a card machine once-off or on a weekly payment plan over 16 weeks, with no monthly service fees.

Our standard transaction rate starts at 2.75% (excluding VAT) per transaction. As a bonus, the more a merchant transacts, the lower the rate. ‍

Monthly Card Volume

Transaction Fee

R0 - R40 0002.75%R40 000 - R60 0002.65%R60 000 - R80 0002.55%R80 000 - R100 0002.50%R100 000+Get a custom low rate

If you trade any of the amounts above within 30 days, we will automatically lower your rates. We will let you know what your rate has dropped to, and when that rate will be effective.

From there, you don’t need to worry about your rate going back up if your settled transaction volume drops. Your rate will stay low until you’ve traded enough to go lower.

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Please Note:
1. Rates are excluding VAT
2. All new customers start at 2.75% excluding VAT unless agreed upon beforehand
3. To request a custom rate email support@ikhokha.com

There is a standard settlement fee for funds to be transferred into a merchant’s account. The fee is a minimal amount of R2.50 per transaction settlement (regardless of the amount being settled).

Read more on: settlement fees.

Take a look at our Fees Calculator to see how the more you sell, the less you pay.

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