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Saving with iK Pay Gateway: Your Gateway to Black Friday Sales Success

Ready to seize the sales season? Here's how to unlock Black Friday success and keep more money in your pocket with iK Pay Gateway.

Saving with iK Pay Gateway: Your Gateway to Black Friday Sales Success

The countdown to Black Friday has begun, and like many business owners across the world, you're gearing up for a sales extravaganza. It’s the ultimate shopping spree holiday for millions of customers.

In our previous blog, we unpacked how to optimise your website for Black Friday sales success. This time around, we're unveiling a game-changing secret that will keep more money in your pocket with every sale.

Seal More Deals with More Options

There’s nothing worse than abandoned carts by customers. And this could for many reasons other than simply not liking what you’re selling. PayPal reports that over 55% of customers they interviewed said they had frequently abandoned a shopping cart when their preferred payment method was unavailable.

Offering your customers the gift of choice is the best way to ensure you close more sales successfully and give them peace of mind in knowing they can pay the way they want to. Whether they prefer the convenience of paying with their credit or debit cards or want to opt for a swift instant EFT, ensure you give them a seamless, hassle-free checkout experience.

You’ve already got the customers there, now the task is to ensure they leave happy customers looking forward to using your product. And it’s as easy as signing up for iK Pay Gateway and adding more payment options to your checkout.

Save on Transaction Rates and Fees

In business, every Rand counts. Getting the most value for money is the ultimate goal for everyone. From the customer scouring the internet for great Black Friday deals, to business owners like yourself searching for more cost-effective ways to do business.

Getting a lower transaction rate on each online sale goes a long way in helping you balance making more profit while still offering great Black Friday deals. So, the question becomes, what could you do with one of the lowest transaction rates across the African continent? The wise choice would be investing more money back into your business and offering more incredible deals, so your customers buy more.

We've crunched the numbers, so you don’t have to. The results show that among the major payment providers you could try, only one ensures you keep more of your money – just the way it should be.

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Stay Up and Running

Black Friday is one of the holidays that attracts the most people to a website in search of deals. It’s one of the holidays you want to cash in on and close every sale. But it’s painfully common for payment gateways to experience downtime when there’s high demand on your website.

Downtime is responsible for over X% missed sales. That’s X customers for every 10 customers. But the effects go beyond losing sales, it compromises the trust and impression your customers have on your store and often leads to lost sales.

Getting a payment gateway from a trusted provider is one of the ways you can minimise the risks of downtime and save your business from losing sales, especially on busier days like Black Friday.

Keep Your Business and Customer Data Safe

In a time when cyber threats are ever-looming, safeguarding your online business has never been more necessary. With online fraud on the rise, especially during the shopping season, online security is non-negotiable.

Tech-savvy customers also need assurance in their online safety. Having a recognised and reputable payments provider gives them more confidence in your store. Equipped with 3D secure technology and PCI compliance, every transaction that passes through your website is safe and secure.

Get Top-Rated Customer Support

Juggling the shopping season rush, dealing with customer inquiries, and being everywhere at once is no easy task. It takes a great support system of people you can rely on to have your back when you need it. If you ever run into a problem with your payment gateway, help is only a call away. Our customer support team is on standby 7 days a week to answer any question or give help when you need it.

Get Started in Under 5 Minutes

There aren’t enough hours in a day. As a business owner, time is your most valuable asset. A quick and efficient installation process can be the difference between having a safe, secure and reliable payment gateway and being left stranded in your time of need.

We’ve taken this to heart when developing the efficient onboarding process and easy-to-follow setup guides for the iK Payment Gateway. It’s designed in such a way that integration with your website doesn’t need you to be the most tech-savvy person. We walk you through each step until you’re ready to take payments on your online store.

More Than a Payment Gateway

There’s more to iK Pay Gateway than meets the eye. It’s a golden ticket into more business tools that help you run and grow your business like iK Dashboard. This free tool works hand in hand with your store to show you how you’re tracking on sales, manage your business efficiently and get extra online payment methods if you want to explore new opportunities like selling on social media.

Seize the Sales Season

Black Friday represents a golden opportunity to make sales and boost your profits significantly. It also represents a stressful time for business owners joining in on the sale season. Every decision you make matters and has an impact on how your Black Friday sales go – from optimising your website to work its best, to having a reliable payment gateway.

To learn more about iK Pay Gateway or get started, visit our website. It's time to unlock your full potential with iK Pay Gateway.