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Black Friday: Unbeatable Deals for Your Small Business

As Black Friday draws near, there are plenty of opportunities for small business owners. It’s now time for business owners to get some shopping done!

Black Friday: Unbeatable Deals for Your Small Business

When business owners think about Black Friday, they often focus on what they can do to boost their sales over this period. But they tend to forget that there’s so much opportunity for them to take advantage of the frenzy of sales happening at major retailers, too.

From stocking up on inventory to sprucing up your store, Black Friday deals the perfect chance to make some big purchases for your small business and save some moola!

A Small Business Owner’s Black Friday Strategy

With all the Black Friday hype and sales everywhere you look, it can be quite confusing to figure out which sale is going to be worth your while. Here’s how you can prepare yourself in advance.

  • Give yourself a budget
  • Write your shopping list
  • Do some research into retailers that are planning Black Friday sales
  • Compare prices for each item from different retailers
  • Make a note of limited offers or time limits and plan your shopping dates.

What to Add to Your Shopping List

Not sure what items to add to your list? Here are some common products that small businesses need and love to give you an idea of what to look out for:

  • Tech and electronics
  • Office furniture
  • Stock
  • Consumables, such as cleaning materials and stationery
  • Software solutions, such as financial and project management tools

Remember, good deals are everywhere this time of year so don’t limit yourself to in-store purchases. Lots of software solutions and subscription-based service providers also offer discounts on packages.

Now that you have an idea of what you’re going to be shopping for, let’s take a look at some major South African retailers that are planning massive discounts this Black Friday.

Where to Shop this Black Friday

1. Makro

Makro is well-known for selling goods in bulk. So, if you run a small business that sells items you can easily find in Makro, make sure you give them a visit (whether it’s in-person or online). Some of the hot-sellers at Makro include appliances, snacks and beverages in bulk supply, stationery and loadshedding essentials.

Makro’s sale only lasts 24 hours on Black Friday so make sure your shopping list is ready!

2. Takealot

Next up is Takealot, the online marketplace for pretty much everything you could ever think of! Takealot’s Blue Dot sale is definitely one to look out for. Not only will you be able to find phenomenal deals, but you’ll also be spoilt for choice with the incredible range of items on offer. Takealot is your best bet if you’re looking to buy electronics like laptops, televisions and other tech goodies.

Takealot’s Blue Dot Black Friday event runs from 25 November 2022 until Takealot Tuesday, which is on 29 November 2022.

Need a card machine? Shop the iKhokha range of products on special this Black Friday!

3. Incredible Connection

If you’re looking for anything tech-related, you’re going to want to keep your eye on Incredible Connection’s Black Star specials. From mobile phones to laptop cases and power supply solutions, you’ll be spoilt for choice at Incredible Connection.

Planning to pay them a visit? Incredible Connection’s Black Star sale runs throughout November so you have the whole month to grab yourself a good deal!

4. Boxer

Boxer is a well-known discount supermarket with hundreds of stores across South Africa. This is the ideal place to consider if you need to stock up on consumables like stationery, items for your store kitchen like coffee and sugar, stock for your spaza shop and much more!

This year, Boxer is running its Black Friday sale on 25 November 2022.

5. Everyshop

If you’re not a fan of the crowds and would prefer to do some online Black Friday shopping, Everyshop will be your one-stop shop for everything you need!

Everyshop is running a whole month-long Black Friday programme, which they’re calling Black November. In November, customers are spoilt for choice with the retailer’s 75% off clearance sale.

Are You Black Friday Ready?

Black Friday is a special time of year as it marks the start of the festive season. However, things can get a little crazy out there as seen in previous years. So if you’re heading out to nab a good deal, please be careful and stay safe.

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