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Sinethemba: Women in Business

This Women's Month, we are highlight some of our incredible female entrepreneurs and women in business.

Sinethemba: Women in Business

This such an interesting time for gender equality and women in business. From movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp, to Frances McDormand’s- blazing with her speech at this year’s Oscars – it’s not always easy standing out as a female leader, in any avenue, anywhere in the world.

So, has life changed for the ordinary woman at work?

It absolutely has. And at iKhokha, we’re so happy to be a part of it all. Not just celebrating women in power but also enabling them. And we want to share some of their stories with you. We chatted to Sinethemba, one of our inspiring female entrepreneurs, in a candid interview and would like to share her iKhokha Story with you.

Who is Sinethemba?
“She’s someone passionate, humble, resilient and focused even in the face of adversity or changing economic climate. She loses her integrity and the value of impacting people positively. I am proud to be her!”

Who is one woman you look up to and why?
“I’m surrounded by many great women. I don’t have one in specific to look up to because I believe every woman should be multifaceted and drink from the wisdom, experiences, accomplishments and influences of other women. I admire women with resilience, kindness, who are bold in pursuit of their dreams. Women who refuse to undermine or relinquish their place in society, even when faced with tribulation. I look up to women who stand for truth, progress and empowering others.”

What role has iKhokha played in helping you as female entrepreneur?
“As a female entrepreneur and Treasurer of Bhelesi Foundation NPC, iKhokha has ensured our revenue increased from our published: “My Journey to Robben Island” book sales which were maximised as a result of the ease and efficiency of using the iKhokha Shaker Solo machine -which could be used anywhere and anytime (she smiles).

I am able to track sales and reconcile with actual revenue received. The best part? The fee structure offered by iKhokha means our revenue is not adversely compromised by high transaction fees and unnecessary monthly charges. Bhelesi Foundation therefore is able to direct more money for bursaries in educating a South African child in the health and agricultural sciences.”

What advice would you tell your 16 year old self?
“The world is waiting for you to make your mark. You are capable and you are more than enough. Don’t let failure diminish your dreams or extinguish the fire inside you.”

This Women’s Month, we’re taking the time to celebrate female entrepreneurs / women in business who live and breathe the mantra “empowered women”.