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True Brew Café: Great Coffee in the Heart of Glen Ashley

In this Merchant Spotlight, we find out what it takes to run one of Durban’s best up and coming coffee shops – True Brew Café.

True Brew Café: Great Coffee in the Heart of Glen Ashley

Perched atop of Glen Ashley, just a quick turn off uMhlanga Rocks Drive, you’ll find True Brew Café. Boasting sweeping views of the Indian Ocean and a menu boasting aromatic roasted coffees, cakes and light meals, True Brew is a local hot spot for a quick cup of java and a meal.

We caught up with Jermina Nteta, the owner of True Brew Café, to find out more about coffee, covid and why she loves running her own business.

How did you start your business?

We took over the business in January this year and the business is owned by me and my sister. Before this we were running our own separate businesses. She was running a guesthouse and I was running my own travel agency. When Covid hit both businesses tanked. We saw this opportunity, so we took it and bought True Brew Café.

Describe True Brew Café in a few words?

Good coffee, great atmosphere, good food and an intimate setting.

How have you dealt with the challenges of running a business during a pandemic?

You can either take it as a challenge or an opportunity. For us, in terms of our previous businesses, it was a challenge. We could have persisted, but we figured let’s just go with it. We saw this as a better opportunity, so we took it.

What made you decide to start your own business?

We were raised to start our own businesses. Our dad is in business himself and he always instilled in us that you will finish school and probably be employed for a little bit (emphasis on a little bit). Then, after that, you got to do your own thing. So, we’ve always known we were going to do our own thing. It was just the question of what we were going to do and what industry we were going to go into.

What do your customers like most about True Brew café?

Our coffee! The coffee is amazing. Before True Brew I would drink any coffee, but now I’m a coffee snob!

Do you have any tips for aspiring entrepreneurs?

I would say do it! Definitely do it, but you need to know the costs involved and do the research. You need to know what you are getting yourself into. I’m someone who is sometimes hasty in making decisions, but I’m learning that you need to take your time. Do the research, find out what are you going to do and just try it! I’ve come to realise now that owning your own place, no one knows what you trying to do. If you get it wrong, people don’t necessarily know that you’re getting it wrong. So, just keep going.

What characteristics make a good entrepreneur?

I think you have to have people skills, be creative and stay calm. Don’t be easily shaken.

What do you enjoy most about iKhokha?

I don’t have to pay a monthly rental fee. That was the big drive for me. The combination of WIFI and data use on my Shaker Solo card machine is also important. I can’t tell you how many times that has saved me, especially during load shedding.

If you ever find yourself in Glen Ashley, just north of Durban, be sure to pop in at True Brew Café. From the coffee to the food and a quintessentially Durban laidback vibe, you’ll find what you’re looking for at True Brew Café.

Pop in for a cuppa or connect with True Brew Café on social media:

47 Ashley Ave, Glen Ashley, Durban North, 4051

Facebook: @truebrewcafeglenashley

Instagram: @true_brew_glenashley

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