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Camelot Spa at Pearls Mall

Indulge in a range of spa treatments at Camelot Spa: your World of Wellness. An international brand and the largest spa group in Africa.

Camelot Spa at Pearls Mall
Relax the mind. Renew the body. Revive the soul.
“Reflecting an ambience of pure luxury and sophistication, Camelot Spa is a tranquil oasis in vibey Umhlanga. I caught up with owners Marlynee Naicker, Subashnie Moodley and Ashleigh Naicker, at The Pearls in Umhlanga, to find out more about their exclusive world of wellness that offers complete revitalisation to the mind body and spirit.” –Samantha Gounden

Tell us a little about Camelot Spa?

The Camelot Spa opened in 1995, is an international brand and the largest spa group in Africa. There are 20 Camelot Spas and 16 CSpa Wellness across the country and in some really exotic destinations. Camelot Spa is also the main distributor for Thalgo.

We believe wellness means being healthy and having a sound body, mind and soul. As soon as you walk through our doors, we want you to “feel” the indulgence. Relaxation bliss. Retreat.

Something that really is always top of mind for us is customer experience. Like we love taking care of ourselves, we also try to transform our vision into an experience for customers.

“Massage is a powerful tool to help you take charge of your health and well-being.”

What inspired the concept?

That’s easy. The world of wellness and what it represents. It’s dynamic. Also, Subash planted the seed of this business in our heads. Everything literally transpired from a casual chat. This brand is very appealing in terms of what it does and how it responds to what people need. Then there’s the fact that it encompasses wellness…not just beauty.

Camelot Spa Group was the winner of the Haute Grandeur Spa Awards Best Spa Brand 2019

How did you decide, “today I’m starting a business?”

The best part about all this is that we are three friends who decided to start a business. And that’s verrrrry cool. See, we live on the North Coast, Shaka’s Rock and Ballito areas. Ash owned a salon called Ashleigh D, and Subash and I were clients of hers – and we became friends. A business opportunity presented itself, and here we are haha. We are all very different. But that’s is the best part. We are opinionated and we bring our own strengths to the business. And I guess that’s why it’s a very interesting dynamic.

“Camelot was an opportunity to do something great with your best friends. What more could anybody ask for?”

What’s your recipe for success?

“Commitment, patience. We run our business ethically and with integrity. And we always try at all times to do the right thing.” -Marlynee

“Hard work, dedication. You learn and you grow a lot. Each day is new learning experience. You also learn a lot from people, especially your staff.” -Subash

“Consistency, no matter what. Communication. Keep your finger on the pulse. With all of us being mums and owning a business, we could lose control. And whilst I don’t believe that control means controlling people, you need to know what is happening in your business every single day. And remember to celebrate, whether it’s big steps or small ones.” -Ashleigh

Our core values are the same. So even when we have different perspectives and opinions, we always remember what is important. –Owners, Marlynee, Subash & Ashleigh

What book are you currently reading?

Subash – Becoming by Michelle Obama
Ashleigh – The 5AM Club by Robin Sharma
Marlynee – The Book of Joy by Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu

Why did you choose iKhokha?

“That’s an interesting story. See, I drive my kids to Ashton and always see your street pole ads. Like always. Coincidentally, one day at the car wash, I swiped to pay on an iKhokha card machine. The owner told me what a fantastic machine it was, and exactly what iKhokha does. That you guys send him email invoices etc. and he showed it to me. At the time, I was using a bank card machine.

Then, in that same week, Subash and I went to the Collisheen Market and saw many people using the machine. THEN you know when you’re scrolling on Facebook and start checking out the videos? Your iKhokha ad came up on Facebook haha. Then I said to myself, you know what…I need to show the girls this. I took a screenshot of the ad and sent it to Ash. And that is about it.

We saw the demonstration. We wanted iKhokha. And we also needed to get going with your system before the December rush. Luke was really helpful. He explained everything so well, and we haven’t had any issues. It’s been smooth sailing.

What’s your advice to young business owners who are just starting out?

Starting a business isn’t always glamorous. It’s hard work. You must be willing to put in the time and know that instant gratification falls by the waste side when you’re a business owner. Also, ALWAYS keep your finger on the pulse.

How do people get a hold of you?

You can visit our website, find us on Facebook, Instagram or even email us on info@camelotspa.co.za

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