Find all your valuable business information in one place with will assist with all your recon and reporting requirements. Simply use your app username and password to log in.

When visiting any of the tabs on the site, remember to:

  • Select the date range for the information you’d like to access‍‍
  • Selecting the time – the hour first, then the minutes – these are in 5 minute intervals

To view your Analytics:

Login into in your internet browser

Select the Analytics tab

Easily view your business’ stats and reports


To view your History:

Login into in your internet browser

Select the History tab

View all previous transactions and their status

You can also send receipts/emails to clients


To retrieve or view your Daily / Monthly Settlement Report / Tax Invoice:

Log in to your iKhokha Business Recon portal

(On your computer on

Click on the Settlements tab

Download the relevant reports you require


To view your Referrals:

Login into in your internet browser

Select the Referrals tab

Select Refer more friends

Choose one of the share icons at the bottom of the screen (e.g.Facebook, Tweet, Mail, SMS or WhatsApp) to share your referral code

Tracking your business performance with iKhokha is as easy as that!