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How to Bring Delivery Services to the Kasi Market

Mainstream delivery services have often ignored the Kasi market. Entrepreneurs are taking it upon themselves to bring to their people the delivery services

How to Bring Delivery Services to the Kasi Market

One of the biggest drawbacks for mainstream services delivering to the kasi is safety. Big-name companies like Uber and MrD Food worry about their drivers making long trips to and from eKasi. Traditional fast-food restaurants are not located in the kasi (for similar reasons), so kasi dwellers have to order from the suburbs that are often many kilometres away.

This distance travelled also means that more petrol is required and the wear-and-tear of the vehicles used is greater. Delivery service providers thus increase their prices for food heading to eKasi to try and cover their overheads, making it incredibly expensive for local diners to have their favourite foods delivered to them.

But people eKasi still crave nights off from standing in front of the stove. While many local stores had incredible food options like shisanyama and kotas, there was still the problem of getting these traditional foods from the restaurant or food stall to the doorsteps of their customers.

The cries of their people were heard by kasi entrepreneurs and now there are multiple food and other delivery options available nationwide. We’ll be taking a closer look at how this came to pass and what you can do to build a delivery business of your own, before listing the kasi delivery options that are available to you.

A Gap in the Market

Necessity truly is the mother of invention and for people living eKasi, adequate delivery services were needed. There was a misconception that people who live in locations prefer more traditional foods and were averse to mainstream fast-food options such as McDonald's and Steers. While this may be partly true, it still does not address why even traditional foods were not available for delivery.

It came down to a matter of infrastructure and that local restaurant owners did not have the tools readily available to them to offer a delivery service. From not being able to develop the right app to lacking delivery vehicles, restauranteurs eKasi resigned themselves to being grateful only for the feet that came through the door.

All of that has changed and it is now possible for local business owners to have the same models and systems in place as their commercial counterparts.

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Technology, the Key Differentiator

Ecommerce is now in the spotlight and is one of the most sought-after markets. Using the internet to start, manage, and grow your business has become a favoured business model among new entrepreneurs. The architect behind this grand design and to which ecommerce must give credit is the incredible advancement of modern technology.

The internet itself has bridged many gaps making your physical location an almost non-entity when it comes to doing business. Add to that the evolution of hardware such as smartphones and laptops and the progress of new software, and you have the perfect business recipe for any entrepreneur willing to take a shot.

Entire businesses can now be run from your smartphone, laptop, or a combination of both. Delivery business owners can find their clients via social media. They can build their own apps and delivery business models directly on their smartphones. And, with the development of integrated financial software, they can make and receive payments from the comfort of their own home.

You no longer have to wait to buy a franchise or seek out capital for a large office building and many staff. Now, you can be a one-stop-business shop all by yourself if you know how to maximise the mesmerising capabilities of modern technology.

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Starting Your Own Kasi Delivery Service

Now that you know that it’s possible to start your own kasi delivery service, the next step is to understand the key points that will help drive your business's success. While food services have been the main focus of this article, it’s important to know that these suggestions extend to other deliverable products as well.

Know your business

Firstly, you need to have your business model in place.

You’ll need to have a good idea of:

  • What type of business you’ll be running
  • The products you will be selling and delivering
  • The areas you’ll be servicing.

From there, you can find the right app, develop one of your own, or build a website that will turn your business into a local must-have. Make sure that your smartphone and laptop are capable of doing all that you require.

Find Your Vehicle

Next, you need to acquire a form of transport to deliver your goods from A to B. Now, this does not have to be an entire fleet of vehicles, large cars or luxury brands. Work out what type of vehicle your business needs, and the areas you intend to service, and go from there. You may find that a single scooter will be enough for your business. In some cases, even a bicycle will do.

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The Nitty Gritty

Once you have your business model figured out and your vehicle in place, you’ll then need to figure out the fine print of running your delivery business. You will have to pay attention to the costs of having a vehicle like wear-and-tear, petrol, and the salary of the driver/rider if one is needed. This is to make sure that you’ve done the correct calculations for maximising your profit margins.

Make sure that your delivery fee is able to offset any expenses that may occur from offering the service. You want delivery to be a value-added service for both you and your customer, not a liability to the growth of your business.

It would be wise for you to start servicing a smaller area while you get accustomed to making deliveries. You can always grow from starting small but it’s difficult to recover from the failures of a massive launch.

And one thing you must remember is that in eKasi, it’s all about reputation. Once people know you and your business, they will hold you accountable to those standards. Set those standards high for yourself and don’t give anyone the satisfaction of slipping. Your soon-to-be thriving business will thank you for it.

Must-Have Kasi Delivery Services

Now that you have all you need to go out there and build your own successful kasi delivery business, here are some existing services that we think every kasi dweller needs to know about:

  1. Order Kasi
  2. Kasi Delivery 
  3. Kasi D 
  4. KasiMenu
  5. Chucks 
  6. Kasi Farmers Market

Some options may not be available in your kasi, so be sure to search for your street address to find the ones that service your area.

From the Kasi, For the Kasi

There is no reason for you not to have your favourite goods delivered to the doorstep of your kasi home. If you can’t find one for you, all the more reason to start a kasi delivery service of your own!

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