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5 Organisations That Can Help You Grow Your Kasi Business

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur eKasi who needs a helping hand to grow their business but isn’t sure where to look, this one’s for you! These five organisations are ready to help you grow.

5 Organisations That Can Help You Grow Your Kasi Business

While the concept of township businesses is one that’s been around for ages, only recently has it started receiving the recognition, support and interest that it deserves. Not only do township businesses present opportunities to the unemployed to take control over their professions, but they also spearhead growth and development in informal areas. This is why we need more businesses eKasi.

What’s more is that now people are coming together to form organisations dedicated to businesses eKasi and helping them grow through mentorship and financial support.

Here are 5 organisations and programmes helping businesses eKasi that are on our radar!

1. The Innovation Hub’s eKasiLabs Programme

Focused on entrepreneurs based in Gauteng townships like Soweto, Garankuwa and Alexandra, the eKasiLabs Programme by The Innovation Hub offers all-round support such as:

  • Mentoring (both technical and non-technical)
  • Market development support
  • Legal service advisory
  • Co-creation facilities such as hotdesking, training facilities and boardrooms
  • Opportunities to access to financial support

The main objective of the programme is to develop innovative solutions eKasi that could impact different sectors of society including business and government.

2. The Bandwidth Barn

Next up, we have Khayelitsha-based tech hub, The Bandwidth Barn. Developed with the aim of driving inclusive innovation, The Bandwidth Barn supports township entrepreneurs with programmes, resources and tools to enhance their tech and business skills.

Being the only township-based tech hub in South Africa, The Bandwidth Barn also offers local business owners:

  • Reception services
  • Copying, faxing, printing and scanning
  • Access to meeting rooms and event space
  • Business internet access and WIFI
  • Introduction to funding networks & supply-chain networks
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3. Awethu 

Awethu is an incubator hub supporting township entrepreneurs in Gauteng. This organisation believes in leveraging the natural talent in Mzansi to move people and communities away from poverty and into economic prosperity.

To do this, they support entrepreneurs from vulnerable groups with skills development and other business resources.

Thus far, Awethu has incubated hundreds of small businesses in South Africa - and they’re just getting started!

What does Awethu’s incubator programme offer?

  • Practical business skills training and tools
  • One-on-one mentorship from skilled coaches
  • Networking and group work with fellow entrepreneurs
  • Up to R5,000 in kick-starter funding to get started or grow

4. Shanduka Black Umbrellas

Shanduka Black Umbrellas is an organisation that seeks to connect local entrepreneurs with investors and mentors. So, not only do they focus on helping businesses grow financially, but they’re also invested in skills development and training.

This organisation’s main objective is to support emerging entrepreneurs as a means to develop an inclusive and sustainable economic future in South Africa.

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5. Township Entrepreneurship Alliance

The Township Entrepreneurship Alliance provides a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to present their ideas and innovations to a panel of investors. Successful pitches receive further assistance to refine their ideas and take them to the next level.

These events are hosted bi-monthly and offer attendees:

  • Access to skills development programmes
  • Networking opportunities
  • Advice from successful South African business owners

Ready to Grow Your Business eKasi? 

Starting and growing businesses eKasi has never been easier with all the helping hands we have in South Africa. The true spirit of Mzansi lives and breathes through the passion and determination of our township entrepreneurs and the hands that work hard to serve them. Together we rise!

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