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How to Make Money Selling Airtime in South Africa

Your phone can now be an airtime machine. It’s 2022, and now, more than ever, South Africans are looking for other ways to make money fast.

How to Make Money Selling Airtime in South Africa

The global pandemic has forced everybody to think creatively about their revenue streams, and one seemingly insignificant method is starting to become quite lucrative: selling airtime.

There used to be a time when prepaid airtime could only be bought through physical vouchers. But that presented problems for the merchants as something physical can get stolen. And in South Africa, airtime vouchers were hot property.

Thankfully, like most things in 2023, airtime has booked its seat on the train of digital transformation. Airtime and other prepaid services are now available for digital purchase nationwide.

The digitisation of selling prepaid airtime has made it possible for business owners and independent merchants to profit from this trade. Furthermore, with 85% of cellphone packages in South Africa being prepaid, the earning potential is more significant than you might think.

Prepaid Services

Apart from airtime, there are other products that can be sold using the very same vending machines or apps. Prepaid electricity is still prevalent in South Africa and you, as a business owner, can offer Eskom prepaid electricity vouchers to your customers.

You can also sell Lotto tickets and customers could settle their accounts with DSTV and Telkom and even pay traffic fines.

If you, as a merchant, can offer your customers these services, helping them to avoid long queues and painstaking processes, then you will set yourself up for maximum earning potential.

Selling Airtime on Your Cell Phone

Nowadays, cell phones are more than just a device used to call mom on a cold winter's night as you reminisce on her warm, home-cooked meal. Even the most basic of cell phones can now be used to sell airtime.

Selling airtime from your cell phone works as follows: a customer would pay you in cash for the airtime. You would then send a message to the supplier, who would reply with an SMS containing a pin code. The customer would then use that pin to load their virtual airtime voucher. Once the transaction is complete, you will receive your commission.

This is the least expensive way of selling airtime. The profit margins, however, are also the smallest.

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Using Your Computer to Sell Airtime

Another way of selling digital airtime is by using your computer. You would have to purchase and download electronic voucher distribution software (EVD), which connects you to the airtime providers (MTN, Cell C, Vodacom, Telkom Mobile, etc.).

Once you have deposited funds into the airtime suppliers' bank account, your EVD account will be credited, and you are ready to start selling. Your commission statistics and your customers’ information will all be available to you on the platform.

If you are part of the working-from-home movement, selling airtime through your computer may be the perfect way to earn an extra income.

Portable Vending Machine

Portable vending machines are incredible to use because they offer a wide array of services and the profit margins are higher than the other methods previously mentioned.

The first option is to purchase the vending machine outright and earn instant, fixed profit with each sale. Your second choice would be to rent the machine every month and earn a profit based on the monthly turnover of the vending machine.

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iK Prepaid

Arguably the easiest way of selling airtime is through the iKhokha App using the iK Prepaid service. The best part about iK Prepaid is that you can also accept card payments through your iKhokha card machine whilst making the transactions on your smartphone.

Above and beyond airtime, iK Prepaid also allows you to sell other prepaid packages like data, electricity, water, and even gas. You can also settle your DSTV and Telkom accounts and pay your traffic fines directly through iK Prepaid on the iKhokha App.

iKhokha and iK Prepaid have made earning money through selling prepaid services as easy as unlocking your smartphone. The next best step is to try it out for yourself. So, head to our blog to find out more about the wonders of iK Prepaid.