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Kalahari Thyme - A South African Bar And Grill

An SA bar and grill restaurant in Maboneng, Johannesburg that specialises in exquisite dishes that carry a sophisticated touch of African cuisine.

Kalahari Thyme - A South African Bar And Grill
Bask in the South African sun
Kalahari Thyme is a is a South African bar and grill restaurant in Maboneng, Johannesburg. Specialising in exquisite dishes that carry a sophisticated touch of African cuisine, they have a relaxed vibe and place great pride in the quality of their dishes and service.

Tell us a little about Kalahari Thyme?

I am Nosipho, a young black entrepreneur and a chef by profession. I enjoy what I do and Kalahari Thyme is my baby. It is the perfect combination of local and a bit of western cuisine. But, our local meals are definitely what make us who we are.

What inspired the concept of Kalahari Thyme?

As a chef, I needed my happy place…and that’s the kitchen. Starting Kalahari meant I could have my own kitchen and present my meals the way I view them – and make sure people enjoy them.

I have been running corporate canteens for almost 10 years and couldn’t really call them my own. I realised that I had to do my own thing, independently.

What’s your recipe for success?

Clean and healthy food has led to the success of Kalahari Thyme. Even though we serve a number of local dishes, we always push to have as little fat and spices as possible, so even the health conscious eaters can enjoy our food.

Why did you choose iKhokha?

Well, Zobs was handing out pamphlets in the area and we were interested in your card machines. I believe that at the time, it was one of the first devices you guys launched. The rates were great and there was also the fact that we got to own the machine. This meant more income and less charges for us. The Cash Advance benefit has also really helped us upgrade our business to look the way it does today. iKhokha has really played a big role in growing our business.

What’s your advice to young business owners who are just starting out?

My advice is to start, no matter how tough it is or incomplete you think it is. Things will come together whilst you are already in the mix of things. And you will find that your ideas will change for the better as you become more exposed to the trends in your trade.

“iKhokha has worked out great for us.”

How do people get a hold of you?

Kalahari Thyme is at 289 Fox Street, Maboneng precinct. You can email us at kalaharithyme@gmail.com or call 011 618 9269. We are also on Facebook and Instagram.

Come in and get a real taste of South African cuisine at its best, cooked daily using local improved and reworked recipes in existence for generations

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