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Meet the #iKTribe: Reba Naidoo

Meet Reba, our passionate Product Owner who's on a mission to make people’s lives easier...solving problems...and disrupting the fintech space

Meet the #iKTribe: Reba Naidoo

The #iKTribe is a family, built on different personalities, backgrounds, talents and abilities. We are all drawn together out of the need to shake things up in the fintech space.

I caught up with Reba, our pretty, passionate and petite Product Owner, at iKhokha, for a coffee and quick catch up.

“Don’t deliver a product. Deliver an experience.”

So, tell us a little about you. Who is Reba?
Hey Sammi, I’m Reba, a person on a mission to make people’s lives easier…solving problems…and disrupting the fintech world! I’m always on-the-go. I love being proactive rather than reactive. And, I apply that to every aspect of my life. Your life will always soar, you’ve just gotta make sure you’re in control.

You have moved from a large corporate to a startup. How did you find the transition from the banking industry to focusing on a specific sector of the fintech space?
Coming from the banking world where I spent most of my career, iKhokha was a breath of fresh air. Moving from the land of suits to ocean views, slops and shorts – and it started to feel a lot like home.

iKhokha’s ability to truly make life easier for business owners presented me with an opportunity to be a part of a team of go-getters who aren’t afraid to change the world, one SME at a time. There is visionary leadership and a true passion for people.

At iKhokha there is no red tape. We take decisions that make the lives of everyday South African business owners easier.

Who is Reba at iKhokha?
I’m a Product Owner that also looks after the Business Analysts, Product Analysts, Quality Assurance, User Experience and Mobile App teams. I work closely with the Dev team to make sure we don’t just meet customer expectations, but exceed them. I love my job, Sam. It’s rewarding but demanding – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ok, so it seems like you have a lot on your plate here. But, who is Reba outside of iKhokha?
She’s a mama to Matteo, an amazing 3 year old. She’s a travel addict who loves seeing new places. She’s cricket crazy – she doesn’t like it, she really does love it. And she’s a Madridsta #HalaMadrid

What’s your biggest strength?
Bringing calmness to chaos.

What’s the name of the last book you read?
Dare to Lead by Brené Brown.

Your advice to yourself on how to handle a stressful situation?
Fresh air, coffee and hearing my son’s voice. It instantly gives me perspective and allows me to focus on what’s important.

Describe iKhokha in one word.

If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?
Blue, definitely. It’s the colour of the infinite ocean and the sky.

If aliens landed on earth tomorrow and offered to take you home with them, would you go?
Hells yeah, but only if my son comes along.

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