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Savory Spain Umhlanga

Your chance to enjoy the traditional signature cuisine of Spain, here in Africa. The food looks good and tastes better!

Savory Spain Umhlanga

Spanish flavours are guaranteed to brighten up even the dullest days. So you can imagine my excitement at getting the scoop on the latest South American sensation to hit our South African shores. Read all about my catch up with iKhokha merchant Antonio J Salva, owner of Savory Spain. Read all about his journey right here:

Tell us a little about you. Who is Antonio Salva and what led to him bringing us Savory Spain?
Hey Sam, I am an Architect. I started professionally in Spain in 2006. Out of the crisis that happened in our industry (real estate in Spain), I moved to Dubai in 2008. Between 2008 and 2010, I travelled between Spain and Dubai, so it kinda made sense to move to Dubai and set up headquarters there. I had a sea level production team in Barcelona and kept business development and projects in the Middle East. It was quite intense in terms of scheduling my times between the different countries.

About two years ago, there was interest for clients who were mainly family officers, and who wanted to diversify international holdings for investments in real estate. They wanted guidance on how to achieve investments overseas. The situation was challenging at first, but because of our strength in the social market and footing in Spain, we were able to capture vital market opportunities for our clients. We then we started a new company called WIRED (Worldwide Investments for Real Estate Development). At WIRED, we combined the technical side of our design expertise with investments.

Last year, through my friendship with the owner of Epilate, we entered business discussions. This linked us to the franchise world where we saw an opportunity to not just carry one of the brands but also bring a Spanish niche, a traditional and street food, that is Savory Spain. Most of the recipes were from our family, bring gave it a uniqueness. We immediately identified that whilst there were many fine dining restaurants here, there wasn’t any catering to “Spanish street food” (tapas, grab-and-go, fast etc) – and we wanted to make that available to patrons too.

“Our food looks good and tastes better”

What makes Savory Spain unique?
In a nutshell, we are passionate about bringing you our traditional signature cuisines.

Your recipe for success?
Hard work and passion.

What book are you currently reading?
The Tipping Point and the Pete Sampras biography. I like reading sports and business biographies.
You know, Sam, my grandfather was a collector of books…and samurai swords (he laughs). He created a library out of a complete wing of the house. So, I have a nice inheritance of it. My grandmother was an artist. I guess we’re all pretty passionate about the arts.

What is your vision for Savory Spain in the next 6 months?
Well, we’re working hard to bring more of Savory Spain to Africa. We’re focused on expansion and securing more franchises within the country.

How long have you been with iKhokha?
Mmmm…almost a year that we are with you guys in terms of Epilate. We are very happy. You see, for me, it’s important to believe in the principles of the companies I am associated with. My principles and yours are aligned. So when we started Savory Spain, continuing the relationship with iKhokha was a no-brainer.

You’re using Poster. How’s that going?
We are really happy. Using Poster (and the tablet), we are able to show our customers the products -and this helps them visual what we have on offer. When a product is not available on the day, our customers can still see what may be available the next day.

What’s your advice to young entrepreneurs who want to follow in your footsteps?
Follow your passion, your gut feel, your sixth sense. Work hard and never hold any regret in the pursuit of your dreams – because, the worst feeling is one day looking back and thinking “I should have.”

How can people get hold of you?
My team is constantly prepped. You can email info@savoryspain.com or call +27 79 717 6798.