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Spotting a Gap in the Market: 8 Ideas to Starting a Uniquely South African Business

Planning on starting a business but struggling to find an idea that’s good for you. These eight ideas will give you some much-needed inspiration.

Spotting a Gap in the Market: 8 Ideas to Starting a Uniquely South African Business

South African business ideas are all the rage now and could represent your best chance of success in a highly competitive entrepreneurial environment, and not all of them cost a fortune. Here, spotting a gap in the market could be the difference between failure and success, so keep your eyes peeled for ideas that service this unique part of the world.

Starting a Business? Here are 8 Good Places to Start

With so many South African business ideas to choose from, it can get a little complicated trying to settle on one that fits your skills and interests.

These 6 South African ideas are sure to get those creative juices flowing and give you inspiration to find your perfect fit!

1. Small Luxuries

Belts may be tightening, but retail therapy clearly still offers release as online sales of small luxury items continue to fly off the digital shelves. It turns out that people still want to feel pampered (at a price that does not put the budget out of step.)

Hot sellers include handcrafts, home decor items, as well as hair and beauty products. Those with a uniquely South African twist, such as aloe vera or rooibos in the product mix, stand out from what is available on the international market.

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2. Homemade Food Delivery for The Win

South African culinary delights range from bobotie to iskobho. Not everyone knows how to make them, as curious as they may be. Lockdown may be over, but people are still homebound because, well, they’ve found that staying in saves them time and money, and just makes life a whole lot simpler!

Consider plugging the gap in demand for homestyle meals and yummy delights. Word of mouth spreads quickly in this line of business as long as the product is high quality. Paid channels work too, so it’s not as if you are limited.

3. School Transport Services

South African parents, similar to those across the world, often find themselves stuck in the hustle and bustle of their professional lives. Sometimes, all parents need to be able to juggle it all is a helping hand. Being able to trust someone to transport their kids to school is already a massive help, making this business idea a service that’s in high demand. All you need to pull off this business is a reliable vehicle and a licensed driver.

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4. Sandwich Delivery for the Hard Workers

Nowadays, many people struggle to find the time to prepare lunch before leaving to work in the morning. When they’re fighting for time trying to catch their bus or beat traffic, the thought of lunch will probably get pushed to the back of their mind.

If you offer quick and easy lunch options like sandwiches and baked goods, you’ll have a queue of hungry employees lining up to buy from you.

P.S. Don’t forget to make sure you have permission if you’re planning on selling your goods at an office park!

5. Keep it Fresh with a Laundry Service

Although many work from home, there are still more tasks in a workday than there are hours. For those struggling to stay on top of the work-life balance, a laundry service may be what the doctor ordered. If you have a spacious enough washing machine, you could do collections in the morning, and allow for pick-ups at the end of the day when the laundry is dry and folded. Easy peasy!

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6. Kasi Mini-Complex

Some major townships are not as under-served as they used to be thanks to the emergence of major malls, lifestyle, and arts centres. With these amenities comes a young, upwardly mobile crowd in search of accommodation. You can cater to this demographic by investing in a mini-complex of rooms to rent that are WiFi-enabled.

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7. 083-Dial-a-Photographer

There are drive-by tattooists who ink you up from the comfort of your couch, so why not drive-by photographers who come to your home for a series of relaxed portraits? If you have the equipment and expertise, why not publicise your services via WhatsApp and offer a professional photography shoot to those who want to be captured in authentic surroundings.

8. Car Washing

When you’re short of time, you’re bound to prioritise certain tasks over others. For example, you’re probably going to choose family time or watching your favourite soccer team play over washing your car.

A mobile car washing business is a great way to service this demand. The key to making this a success is knowing where your target customers are. Think of going to events, festivals and even local shopping centres.

The best part about having a mobile car washing business is that you’re not stuck at a specific premises so you can take your mobile business pretty much anywhere you want to. The opportunities are endless!

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to find a way to transport your equipment and materials with you wherever you go.

Ready to Start Your Small Business?

Now that you have a better grasp on what gaps you can fill with your business, you can start the next steps to a successful and fulfilling life of being an independent entrepreneur.

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