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Why Should My Business Have a Card Machine?

You have a business that needs to grow. We have the solution. Find out how a mobile and wireless card machine can take your offering to the next level.

Why Should My Business Have a Card Machine?

Card machines are a pivotal part of any business. From improved money circulation to better target market penetration and efficiency, having a card machine is guaranteed to change the game for your business.

Gaining access to the latest financial technology doesn’t have to be difficult, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of obstacles that stand in the way of SME growth, and card machines no longer need to be one of them.

What Will a Card Machine Do for My Business?

Secure Bigger Sales

If you have profit on the brain (as most of us do), securing bigger sales will be at the forefront of your business decisions. Adopting card machines into your business collateral means you are significantly closer to streamlining your financial transactions.

By now, most customers trust technology and are often willing to spend larger amounts through a legitimate card machine. When a transaction is done via a card machine, your customer feels safer knowing there is a trustworthy trail of where their money has gone.

Card machines make it easier to account for funds that have left one bank account and gone straight into another. Which in turn makes patrons feel more comfortable spending larger amounts of money. This way if something goes wrong with the product, you both have proof of the transaction and can deal with the situation appropriately.

Broaden Your Customer Horizons

If you are a cash-only business, you need to understand that you are blocking off plenty of potential customers. You could be missing out on fantastic business opportunities or sales if you miss the mark on including card payments in your store.

When you have multiple payment options available, you become a more accessible merchant. Accessibility is how you cater to a larger group of people who are potentially spending money for your services or in your store. Having a credit card means you can cater to young, cashless patrons as well as customers with credit cards who are willing to spend more than usual.

South African Card Usage

If we’re looking at the South African market, don’t make the mistake of assuming your customers aren’t tech-savvy. There are business owners who still believe South African consumers prefer cash-based purchases, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

South Africa has a notably high debit card penetration, and it has been observed that business owners are the ones who have fallen behind. Even though there is a high volume of credit or debit card users, there is limited card acceptance in-store across the country.

Take Back Your Time

How much time goes towards accounting for your business? End of day cash-ups and invoice collection can be a tedious and error-riddled process if you’re relying on cash transactions and brainpower.

Time is of the essence for all business owners and investing in tools that save time are ideal for growing your business. A card machine is absolutely one of those tools.

Also, think about how much time it takes to schedule visits to the bank to deposit cash – never mind the risk of getting it there. You can save precious time at the end of the day by printing all your transactions from your card machine.

Considering that most card machines these days have an option to tap, your payment process is also shortened significantly compared to how long a cash payment takes. So not only are you saving time, but you’re also saving your customer's time. This goes a long way for the reputation of your service.

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Create a Safer Environment

One of the reasons card payments are popular in South Africa is because carrying cash is a safety risk. With incidents of theft and assault being common for both civilians and stores, limiting the amount of cash you have on-site is always a good move.

Card machines don’t only provide a safety net against crime, but they also keep customers and employees safe from coming into contact with the Coronavirus. Card machines are easy to wipe down and sanitise and require no hand-to-hand contact like cash transactions.

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Get That Competitive Edge

So, your customer has perused your aisles for a decent amount of time, and they have found what they’re after. Only to be told at the pay point that you need them to pay in cash. Their only option then is to walk to the nearest ATM, draw cash, and come back to the store. Does that sound like something most people are going to want to do? No, we doubt it.

Instead, they’ll shop somewhere that does offer card payment. Utilising the best technology in your business puts you streaks ahead of the rest – whilst making your life easier in the process.

Card Machines by iKhokha

Okay, so you know how card machines can change the game for your business. But do you know where to get your hands on one?

At iKhokha, we make business easier. Our goal is to provide growing SMEs with the right financial technology to take their business to the next level. That’s why if you’re on the lookout for card machines that embrace mobile innovation and business growth, iKhokha is probably the way to go.

Let’s dive into what we offer so you can make the right decision for your business.

The Mover Pro Card Machine

The Mover Pro is our mobile card machine that can be used anytime, anywhere. We’re big on empowering business owners to own their technology instead of renting. So for less than R500, you could own a card machine to use freely in your business with low transaction fees on your side.

The Mover Pro uses Bluetooth to connect with your smartphone, turning your phone into a streamlined point-of-sale unit. It’s easy to set up, easy to understand and easy to use for all types of transactions.

The Highlights:

  • Trade anytime, anywhere
  • Send digital receipts
  • Sell prepaid products with iK Prepaid
  • Tap, swipe or insert credit and debit cards

iKhokha App Features

Both of our card machines give iKhokha merchants direct access to the iKhokha app. Using your mobile phone, you can manage your business and keep an eye on the important elements everywhere you go.

Here is how the iKhokha App helps you grow your business:

  • Getting an iK Cash Advance
  • Accepting card payments
  • Managing products & staff
  • Accessing real-time reporting
  • Tracking your sales history
  • Processing refunds
  • Active fraud prevention
  • Free accredited security

Getting Started

If you contact us today, you could be the owner of a new card machine in as little as 3 working days. We offer next-level support that will make sure your machine arrives at your door with all the tools you need to get set up. And if you’re feeling stuck? There will always be somebody available to help you out.

Plus, with no monthly fees and low transaction rates, it’s the easy and affordable way to take your business to the next level with a card machine.

So, why not get started? After all, we make business easier.