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Meet the iK Tribe: Vibing & Thriving with Stef and Raveen

Leaders and friends, Stefan and Raveen share how leading with friendship is the winning formula for creating a vibe that allows their team to thrive.

Meet the iK Tribe: Vibing & Thriving with Stef and Raveen

Twice as nice: Introducing Stefan and Raveen

Stefan Mudenda (aka "Murd") the talented muso, and Raveen Singh (aka "Keags") the reigning table tennis champion, are Customer Support Team Leads at the iKhokha headquarters.

A strong leader is at the heart of every great team. They’re a person who always has their team's back, no matter the situation.

Stefan and Raveen are two leaders who embody this quality and lead their support teams with a common vision. This vision is not random. It stems from a deep-rooted friendship that's built on good vibes, shared values, and mutual respect.

Let's see how these power-pals get the job done!

Leading with friendship

Listening in on the conversation between these gentlemen, it became apparent that they both believe in the power of building meaningful relationships.

While they have different personalities and views on certain things, they share a similar approach to leadership that values inclusion, accountability, and the pursuit of progress as a team.

Their new-school approach beckons a friendship without compromising the work relationship. As Stefan says, “You need to find a balance.”

From vision to mission

Positions of leadership often require both long-term vision and a strategic mindset. For Stefan, every task starts from one key question: Where do we go from here to get to the next level?

Stefan’s mission is to push the boundaries and take the team higher. The fruit of that labour is a team that works harder and smarter together to deliver excellent service to the customer.

“There’s a big difference between a good leader and a great leader. Good leaders tell you what they can do, and a great leader shows you what you can do.” – Stefan

The big-picture goal for both Stefan and Raveen is to develop the people within their teams beyond their current roles to become great leaders that thrive in their areas of expertise.

Bringing a vibe to the iK Tribe

A positive mindset fosters a progressive culture that allows people to grow and thrive. The vibrant approach to day-to-day challenges in the iK Tribe allows optimists like Stefan and Raveen to truly shine and help influence this growth for others.

“You can feel that there’s something going on here. It’s spread like a fire. It’s that iK fire.” – Raveen

Stefan injects positivity into his conversations and engagements. You can see it in how he walks down the corridors to give a cheery hello to all the departments in the iK Tribe.

“Energy is important for me. When I walk through these doors, I feel the energy. No day is the same,” says Stef smiling from ear to ear.

Small wins. Big victories

Working at iKhokha for over 4 years, Raveen’s number one cultural principle is “Hustle Hard Together.”

“Our culture allows us to laugh, cry, and rise together. That’s just how we do it, bro.” – Raveen

It’s probably why Raveen loves a good challenge. And he loves winning even more. He says his team never misses the opportunity to celebrate every small achievement because, for him, it's the little wins that lead to big victories.

“We celebrate each other’s wins. We encourage that. That gives me energy, and it gives them energy,” motivates Raveen.

Raveen demonstrates how his team would cheer for a positive Hellopeter review or applaud a team member who gets commended for excellent service.

It’s those day-to-day actions that promote iKhokha’s next-level customer service.

Be a part of the hustle

It’s safe to say that these two buddies are going places. Their friendship is incredible, their vibe is contagious, and their influence is impactful.

Hey! Did you know we’re looking for cool, humble, and open people like you to join the hustle?

If you’re wondering how we can get to meet you, we’ve got you. Visit our careers page, and let’s see where this bus takes us.

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