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Meet the #iKTribe: Finding Freedom & Pursuing Purpose with Carl Scorer

Purpose finder. Adventure seeker and keen learner. Say hello to Carl Scorer, iKhokha Growth Product Owner

Meet the #iKTribe: Finding Freedom & Pursuing Purpose with Carl Scorer

Soaring from the South Coast

Soaring from a small town on the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal, self-proclaimed thalassophile (sea lover) Carl Scorer, remembers his childhood and adolescent years filled with salt water, sea sand, and the ocean breeze. There wasn’t a day he didn’t ride the wave.

But when change came knocking on Carl’s doors, he didn’t hesitate to answer.

From Surfer to Adventurer

After matriculating, the world was calling for a new adventure.

Motivated to explore where he’s never been before, Carl packed his bag, left the small town world he knew, and travelled to the unfamiliar territories of the United Kingdom, Europe, and Israel.

When we’re young and make big moves like that, there’s often a vision that fuels the reason for the move. For Carl, it was the desire to find freedom beyond what he was comfortable with, experiencing the adrenaline of adventure and, most importantly, immersing himself with people and cultures the world had to offer.

“At the time, travelling abroad after school was something everyone did. But, I wanted to do it before I took the traditional route of getting a job and settling down.”

Far from home, Carl worked at McDonald’s, volunteered in his time in Israel, and dug some ditches in the name of finding independence and freedom.

Dedicated for a Decade

Returning home a transformed man, moulded by his experiences and grateful for what travelling had to offer, Carl was ready to bury his head in his books.

Initially registering to study to become a draughtsman, Carl's plans took a sharp turn when he realised that it was not for him. And like anything in life, if it doesn't work out the first time, the second time might be the charm.

And it was. Carl found his groove in the rhythms of Computer Science.

You know what they say, "opportunity finds you while you're working," and this was the case when Carl secured his first job in his final year of university. He started his career as a junior database programmer at CHEP, a global leader of sustainable goods.

Although the foundations of his career path were laid in the junior database programmer position, Carl soon became a software manager in technology. For ten years, he committed himself to growing within his field of expertise and being a valuable contributor to the work that CHEP produced nationally.

A notable project he was involved in along with a small team was developing a track and trace solution for the automotive industry. He got to work with heavyweight brands like Spar, Pick n Pay, Nissan, and VW.

"Working on that project was my first step into new technology."

As we know it, all seasons come to an end. After a decade of loyal service, Carl bid CHEP farewell and began his new season of life at the internationally renowned centre of trailblazing technology, Derivco.

On the Pursuit of Purpose

Carl was experiencing a step change that shifted his perspective on what his work life meant and how his skill set could contribute positively to the grander scheme of things.

Carl was thinking beyond himself.

While working at Derivco, he was hands-on deck as the Product Owner and had a taste of being a Test Manager. After seven years of working at Derivco, he desired to take a brave step to move to New Zealand with his family.

They often say, write your dreams in pen but your plans in pencil. And this statement was true when COVID stopped the world dead on its tracks. Carl’s intent to immigrate with his family was put on pause. There was more to live for at home, so he decided it would be better if they stayed in South Africa.

Little did he know that it was for the greater good. The exact purpose he was seeking was looking for him.

Making the Move to iKhokha

Amid the difficulty, Carl pondered on purpose and asked questions on what he wanted to do next.

“I started looking for something more meaningful. It became more about feeling connected to a purpose.”

The answer was right up the road from Derivco and right up his alley. Stumbling across iKhokha’s Product Owner vacancy, it became apparent that this was the next door to enter. And so, he did.

Carl was seeking an easy-going vibe, a culture that allows the freedom to think creatively, and a room of people with diverse mindsets.

“Since I’ve joined, I’ve seen what I was looking for materialising.”

Presenting the Freedom to Grow

Thought leader Craig Groeschel put it this way, "You can have control. You can have growth. But you can't have both". Carl's method of leadership allows team members to have the flexibility and freedom to think, grow and learn independently.

With iKhokha's culture, he believes achieving this on a day-to-day basis is made easier. There's a lot of room to move and learn new things. There's space to master your craft.

"You're not walled into what you can do."

But before you're presented with the freedom to grow, there needs to be a level of comfort a person feels. Because without comfort, there is no freedom. This is Carl's formula to success.

"I'd rather add positive energy than negative. I'd struggle in a space where it's bureaucratic."

Taking a Page Out of Carl’s Book

Leading a team is no child’s play. If you’ve led a group of people before, we’re sure you’d agree. Inspired by Elon Musk’s visionary thinking and agile way of working, Carl shared three golden nuggets.

Master One Thing. Be Good at Many Things

Everyone has that one core skill they excel at, even in their sleep. But, in Carl’s opinion, it shouldn’t end there. In the work environment and even in your personal life, broaden your skillsets through independent learning.

As a result, you’ll be a more well-rounded individual, and you’re more likely to create a space for you and others to think beyond what the eye can see.

Let Go and Let Others

In days gone by, Carl humbly confesses that he put a lot of effort and extra time into his work. In some instances, that is required to achieve greatness, and, in some cases, you need to be wise and let go.

Letting go means letting others have the chance to shine. The reward is twofold:

  1. It helps you fix your focus and find balance.
  2. It allows others to master their craft.

Crash, Burn and Learn

True to one of iKhokha's cultural values, "Think ahead fail fast" Carl is a firm believer in failing and learning on the go. In the growth space, you need to move quickly, and you often find obstacles that get in the way of that.

"Don't be obsessed with perfection, be obsessed with getting results."

And the only way to move faster is by letting go of perfection. Let the work go live, see the result of the work and even if there's a mistake, learn from it. Next time, it won't be there.

The more you crash, burn, and learn, the closer you'll get to success.

Answer iKhokha’s Call

Calling on all looking for growth, purpose, and the freedom to think outside the box. If that’s you, it’s your turn to answer the call.

We’re ready to get to know you. We’re ready for you to be a part of the iK Tribe. Have a look at the current job openings we have available for you.

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