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Meet the #iKTribe: Developing People with Rudy Cupido

Developer at heart. Faithful follower. Stylista and mentor. Introducing Rudy Cupido, iKhokha's Programme Manager.

Meet the #iKTribe: Developing People with Rudy Cupido

Here Comes the Fixer

Born in a small town, Secunda, Sasol’s coalfield home in Mpumalanga, Rudy has always wanted to see more, do more, and become more. Not just for himself, but for others.

Having grown up in the South African generation where oppression was all too familiar, he counts himself blessed to have had a childhood that allowed him to explore freedom that came with playing on the streets.

As the times rolled over, from children playing on the streets until sunset to finding their fun behind their computer screens, Rudy was also developing a love for tech and fixing what was broken.

“I would strip an entire computer apart and put it back together.”

That’s when he knew what he wanted to go study. And since he had a knack for fixing things and tech, he figured he might as well learn something that combines the two.

On the Journey of Becoming

He proceeded to pack his suitcases, leave his comfortable small-town nest, and head into the big city to study Information Technology and Development at CTI in Randburg.

After successfully securing his diploma, the next step was job hunting. The hunt was not an easy one. It took endless interviews for him to finally land his first job as the new support technician at Pilot Software.

One thing Rudy took away from his first job experience was a career-changing conversation that shed some light on where he didn’t want to be in 10 years.

“My first job helped me figure out what I didn’t want to do. So, I started the journey of figuring out who I am and what I wanted to be."

A Curiosity that Paved the Way

Following a short time of studying and gaining his first job experience in Johannesburg, life took a U-turn for Rudy. He was back in his hometown to work for BCX, an IT company, as their support technician for their client, Fluor Construction Company.

Rudy openly admits that he’s not one to stay put, “I have to be moving forward constantly. Otherwise, I get bored quickly. So, I challenge myself and learn new things almost all the time.”

The shift from support technician to IT project manager came from his curiosity and observation. In a nostalgic voice, Rudy explains, “I supported Fluor while working at BCX. Fluor did IT assistance from a vision point of view versus the normal desk checks. It exposed me to the IT project manager role.”

His curiosity paved the way to being headhunted as the new Project Information Manager by the same client he was helping to support.

Rudy was now in his territory. His new role entailed supporting and building a strategy and vision for an IT infrastructure that would make the working lives of the Fluor staff easier.

“Being an enabler is something I really enjoy. I’m passionate about making people’s lives simpler and easier in any way possible.”

Unleashing Confidence

After six years of living in Mpumalanga, Rudy had the urge to move back to Johannesburg. The goal this time around was to be a part of an innovative company that would enable him to contribute to the bigger, the better, and the greater.

He received what he wanted, but not in his job position. He received it in developing people.

With incredibly high levels of self-awareness and a positive self-image, Rudy took it upon himself to impart not only the tech skills he’d acquired through experience but what he’d learnt in the journey of finding his self-confidence and self-awareness.

“My confidence has given me the courage to unleash confidence in others.”

In his words, “Every individual lives out their brand.” And that comes in the form of knowing who you truly are and what uniqueness you possess.

He then landed roles at two major corporates, DVT and Accenture. While in their charge, he achieved two of his career highlights to date. Both achievements involved encouraging his colleagues to pursue their passions to the fullest and become the best versions of themselves through his mentorship.

“That’s why I’m a Scrum Master. I work with people and help them realise what they can do.”

Rudy persuaded one colleague to summon the courage to advance their bodybuilding from a hobby to a full-blown career. Today she has a solid presence in the bodybuilding industry. Another colleague found a mentor, motivator, and supporter in Rudy. She's now moved from being a Project Administrator to being a Scrum Master.

Taking a Leap of Faith

At the start of 2021, Rudy felt that his life chapter in Johannesburg was coming to an end.

Being a firm believer in living beyond himself and having a solid relationship with God, Rudy was searching to leave the hustle and bustle of the big city life that no longer brought satisfaction to find the best quality of life.

“I’m a man of faith. My relationship with God is extremely strong. He is my source. He is my everything, and He is my power. It’s His journey, and I’m just rocking it.”

Rudy and his husband decided to take a leap of faith by putting up their house for sale. Not sure where life was taking them, they held onto the hope that the next chapter was holding the keys to something new.

A Divine Direction to Durban

True to iKhokha’s mission to find and hire talented people who are movers and shakers in the industry, an iKhokha Scrum Master job post found its way to Rudy.

Intrigued yet unaware of who and where iKhokha is, he did the natural thing any human would do when something has caught their eye. He plunged into the internet to gather as much information about the company as he could.

To his pleasant surprise, Rudy explained that iKhokha’s vision was his vision and iKhokha’s mission was his mission.

He had found his tribe (pun intended).

“Being an entrepreneur myself, my goal is for everyone to feel the proper quality of life without it being expensive.”

The next question that proceeded was, “So, where is iKhokha?” And the answer was Durban.

Did you know: Durban has the highest quality of life in South Africa and the second highest in Africa after Mauritius. (It was Rudy who informed me of this fact.)

Here’s the cherry on top – the same day Rudy got the iKhokha Scrum Master job at the place with the highest quality of life in Africa was also the same day he and his husband received a cash offer for their house.

The direction was clear and divine. Nothing was accidental. All roads were leading to the home of iKhokha ­­­– Durban.

“I can confidently say that the entire journey of my career was preparing me for iKhokha.”

Offering iKhokha the Real Deal

Since becoming Scrum Master, and now promoted to Programme Manager at iKhokha, Rudy ensures to carve out space to retrospect, dive into deep thinking, and meditate every morning. Why? Because he wants to offer the iK Tribe the best of who he is, which is one hundred percent authenticity.

Rudy believes that before he invests and pours into another’s cup, he needs to fill his own first. “It allows me to give of myself from a place of genuine generosity,” he says.

In the #iKTribe, Rudy’s modus operandi (MO) is quite simple. It’s to:

  • Motivate his team members to bring their best selves to work and become better employees and people.
  • Create a safe space for his team to be HOT: honest, open, and transparent.
  • Get his team to be at a place where they are confident in taking ownership of their work.
“Being in the product and development space, we need to take ownership of our work. We need to be proud of the work we put out there for merchants.”

From iKhokha to the Future

Rudy is a multitalented person with a multifaced career. He’s not just a techie, fixer, developer, supporter, but he also has a keen eye for all things aesthetically pleasing, particularly in fashion and interior design.

If he’s not exploring Durban and sinking his teeth in adventurous experiences with his husband and friends, he’s working on building his clothing and furniture app that simplifies shopping.

And much of what he’s learning in his current position at iKhokha he intends to implement in growing his other hustle.

“I love where iKhokha is going, and I want to be a part of that.”

With that said, the future is full of possibilities and growth for Rudy. A growing family, a growing business venture, and an ever-growing career.

Make Your Move. Make Your Mark

If you’re all about empowering South Africa’s economy, immersing yourself in a team that hustles hard together, and striving to be the best version of yourself you can be, then iKhokha, might I say, is the place to be.

It’s time to make your move and leave your mark. Take a look at our current job opening here.