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Mythbusters: 8 Truths and 4 Lies about iKhokha

Welcome to iKhokha mythbusters! Let’s tackle some myths and urban legends that we encounter on a daily basis. 

Mythbusters: 8 Truths and 4 Lies about iKhokha

We know that when it comes to your money, trust is a massive factor to think about. Would you be happy transacting with a bank that you can’t trust? Nope, never, forget about it!

Similarly, we understand that that level of trust is a non-negotiable when dealing with payment solution providers.

That’s why we’re answering some burning myths about our products, services and what we’re doing to make your money management easy. This will give you a better understanding of what you can expect from us if you’re thinking about joining the iKTribe. You’ve already spent enough time searching for this article, so let’s jump right in.

iKhokha Card Machines

Myth #1: iKhokha card machines are hard to find.

Getting your iKhokha card machine is as simple as visiting ourwebsite and requesting a call back from our incredibly talented sales specialists. If you’d rather complete the process yourself, you can check out our online shop and make your purchase there, or visit one of our participating retail partners: Game, Makro, Builders, or Takealot.

Verdict: Busted!

Myth #2: iKhokha card machines are easy to use.

Definitely! Setting up your iK Mover, iK Shaker Solo, or iK Flyer is as easy as Sunday morning breakfast. And how does the iKhokha card machine work? With their user-friendly designs, easy navigation and low settlement fees, getting paid is as easy as a swipe, insert, or tap. It’s that simple! Just be sure to have your iKhokha App installed.

Verdict: Verified!

Myth #3: iKhokha card machines do not support debit cards.

Our card machines are as accommodating and accepting as it gets! You get paid via debit card, credit card, gift card, SASSA Grant card, or any other magstripe or chip card supplied by Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro.

Verdict: Busted!

Myth #4: It’s better to own a card machine than rent one from the bank.

Here at iKhokha, we believe in placing the power directly in the hands of the business owner. That’s why our card machines can be bought upfront for a single, once-off payment. But we also have the option of renting to buy, so at the end of your payment period, you will own your card machine.

Verdict: Verified!

Money & iKhokha

Myth #5: Accepting payments with iKhokha is quick and easy.

With iK Tap on Phone, you can turn your smartphone into a payment gateway and customers can simply tap their cards on your phone to complete the transaction. Our card machines offer the same service, with the added benefits of inserting cards or swiping them for payments.

Verdict: Verified! 

Myth #6: To use iKhokha products, I must use the same bank as theirs.

iKhokha has chosen its own personal banking partner, but you do not have to choose the same to take full advantage of our amazing products. We have fostered relationships with all major financial institutions in the country. All you have to do is link your preferred bank account to your iKhokha App and you’re good to go.

Verdict: Busted!

Myth #7: With iKhokha, I can still get paid without a card machine.

That’s right! With the iK Pay Link, you can create a payment link and send it to your customers. The money will go straight to your bank account. 

Verdict: Verified! 

Myth #8: I have to be FICA-approved before receiving my iKhokha card machine.

The Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) is a law that has been implemented to protect businesses and individuals against fraudulent financial activities. To protect both parties, you will have to submit your FICA documents to iKhokha before we can deliver your brand-new device.

Verdict: Verified!

Myth #9: iKhokha has a Business Cash Advance offering.

100%! After trading with iKhokha for three months, you will be able to take out an iKCash Advance based on your revenue during that period. Repayments are simple, as you’ll pay iKhokha back with a small percentage of your future card sales. The best part? There’s no compound interest so it’s a fixed, flat fee!

Verdict: Verified!

iKhokha and You

Myth #10: I can make even more money with iK Prepaid.

iK Prepaid is another way that we give business owners the chance to make a little more moola on the side

Verdict: Verified!

Myth #11: It’s impossible to create invoices with iKhokha. 

We’ve only ever heard one person say this, but that’s enough to address it! iK Invoice is available to all iKhokha merchants and businesses, and you’ll be able to create quick, smart, digital invoices. There is also real-time tracking for you to stay up-to-date on all your paid and outstanding invoices. Sending invoices on-the-go has never been this easy.

Verdict: Busted!

Myth #12: The iKhokha App is a one-stop-shop business management tool.

The iKhokha App is your gateway to a world of convenience and efficiency. Think of our app as a parent or guardian or custodian: it is there to help you grow and flourish and become all that you are meant to be.

Aside from being the link between you and your card machine and allowing you to make use of iK Tap on Phone, the iKhokha App also enables you to earn moola iK Prepaid transactions. Now, this is the wonderland that Alice wishes she had fallen into.

Verdict: Verified!

Download the iKhokha app today on Google Play or on the App Store.

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