It’s money when you need it!

An iKhokha Cash Advance gives you access to instant cash to give your business that extra boost. If you want to give your businesses a kick start, then our Cash Advance team is who you need to speak to.


Meet the #iKTribe: The Cash Advance Team


Hello ladies, tell me about the Cash Advance team?
The Cash Advance team is made of us three extremely beautiful ladies hahaha known as Buyi, Stha and Zandile (left to right). On a serious note, we work together and we have formed a sisterhood. We are fun-loving party animals that bring a spark to any environment (just ask the iK Tribe). Our team has always been driven by excellent customer service. It’s our passion.

“We are very fond of and very supportive of one another. We listen and respect each other. We work hard together, and we play harder.”Stha

For those who may not know, briefly explain what is iKhokha’s Cash Advance all about.
Cash Advance is a facility that allows a merchant to take funding to grow their business/life through a third-party service provider. This happens once a client has passed the criteria to qualify.


How do you feel about working as a team and what’s been your biggest challenge?
The Cash Advance team works well together as we have a strong bond. There’s open communication and a willingness to help each other out. Our biggest challenge? That would be the amount of clients we need to help in the most professional way possible, in a day. But we love it. We love our jobs, and we have fun…which is most important.

The iKhokha Cash Advance helps take your business to the next level. To find out how you can qualify for a custom Cash Advance offer click here



Tell me about life outside of iKhokha?
We are socialites on the rise haha, AND we LOVE taking selfies to express our moods and feelings. But seriously, we are mothers first. So you can tell that we are very family-orientated. And this is why we LOVE iKhokha. iKhokha understands the importance of family. We are not just numbers – we are the culture. We mean something.


What is the one strength that each of you bring to the team?
Sammi, we have a strong work ethic, we work well under pressure, and we are good at problem-solving.


How do you handle stressful situations?
We ask each other for advice. I mean, one of us could have dealt with a similar situation and may be able to offer a solution immediately.

“iKhokha’s Cash Advance gives you the short term assistance that will ensure your long term success.”

Describe iKhokha in one word.


If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?
Buyi – Yellow
Stha – Blue
Zandile – Red


If you could be any superhero, who would you be?
Buyi – Susan Storm
Stha – Captain Marvel
Zandile – Thor

There you have it! Our leading ladies in the Cash Advance team. So, if you want to give your businesses a kick start, sign up here.

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