Project-Rhino-We’ve partnered with Project Rhino to help them simplify donations with payment tools like iK Pay Link to support and grow their mission.  

Our dynamic partnership is all about using payment technology to drive more support towards Project Rhino's efforts to combat illegal poaching. 

Despite being one of South Africa’s Big Five, rampant rhino poaching continues to plague the country, driven by the ever-increasing demand for rhino horns. So, we’ve teamed up with Project Rhino to do our bit to help as they continue their fundraising efforts to support their mission.  

What Does Project Rhino Do? 

Project Rhino is a collective of 37 like-minded organisations that facilitates rhino conservation interventions across KwaZulu-Natal. They aim to eliminate rhino poaching and secure KZN's white and black rhino populations.  

Taking down poachers and tackling the demand for rhino products is an ongoing challenge – and not a cheap one. Big or small, donations fuel Project Rhino's boots-on-the-ground efforts. Their work includes dehorning, maintaining anti-poaching horse and dog teams, training rangers, and uplifting local communities.  

Within the first half of 2023 alone, 231 rhinos were tragically killed in South Africa due to poaching. 

How Do We Fit In? 

Project Rhino is levelling up their fundraising game, making it super easy for you to lend a hand. They’re one of many NGOs who are using iK Pay Link as one of their trusted payment solutions. 

iK Pay Link is a feature in the free iKhokha App that allows you to create payment links and share them on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS or email to accept card payments. 

With iK Pay Link, you can: 

  • Accept donations with a single link  
  • Generate QR codes for repeat donations 
  • Create a personalised donations page 

Plus, sponsors get to drop a note with their donation, adding a personal touch to their contribution. 

“We could not be more grateful for our partnership with iKhokha and their iK Pay Link options and support! When it comes to running an NGO like Project Rhino, there’s no denying the power of secure and efficient payment transactions,” says Project Rhino Director Carlien Roodt. 

“We also have a dedicated ecommerce account manager in the form of Chris Morgan, who responds timeously to support queries, whenever we require it! Chris understands the conservation work we do, the impact we have and the support we require making working together so much easier!” 

Our CEO Matt Putman said: "iKhokha is proud to support an NGO like Project Rhino that does incredible work to conserve and protect our rhino population in KwaZulu-Natal,” 

“We are dedicated to creating accessible and versatile digital payment tools that everyone in South Africa can benefit from, whether that's protecting animals or running a business.” 

Standing Together Against Poaching 

Supporting organisations like Project Rhino is a tangible way to make a real difference. It's a chance for us to join hands against poaching techniques and to address the demand for rhino products. 

If you're ready to stand up for rhino conservation and be a part of something bigger, you can make your donation to Project Rhino by following this link:  

If your NGO is looking to explore our online payment solutions, reach out to our ecommerce account manager Chris Morgan at for dynamic rates and personalised support.