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The Only Guide You Need for the iKhokha Mover Pro

A complete A-Z guide to get you moving, grooving and selling with the Mover Pro, the mobile card machine that's small in size but big on business.

The Only Guide You Need for the iKhokha Mover Pro

Say hello to the card machine that’s small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, and big enough to transform your business: the iKhokha Mover Pro.

The Mover Pro was designed with one thing in mind: making business easier for South Africa’s SMEs. At iKhokha, we know first hand that there is a wishing-well of opportunity for small business success. But whilst there is a well, too many business owners are still without a bucket to dip into the water down below.

That’s why we’ve created an on-the-go mobile card machine that lets your customers pay whenever, wherever. In this article, we’re going to be breaking down what the Mover Pro is, why our merchants love to use it, how to get it up and running and how you can use this powerhouse machine to make more money.

Are you ready? Let’s do it.

Getting to Know Your iKhokha Card Machine

Say Hello to The Mover Pro

Made specifically for small business growth, this small but versatile card machine has everything business owners need to bring digital card payments into their offering.

The Mover Pro is a durable, fast, and light card machine that works with your smartphone and the iKhokha app to bring high-volume transactions into your business. And as you read on, you’ll find that’s not all it has to offer.

You know where the world is going: it’s going faster, and it’s going contactless. Why should your payments be any different? We’re done with chunky, we’re done with complicated and we’re definitely done with costly. With the Mover Pro, your customers can tap, swipe or insert their cards for quick, easy, and safe contactless payments.

Talk about moving with the times.

Why Our Merchants Love the Mover Pro

No Monthly Rental Fees

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: your card machine is yours, not the banks. One of our philosophies at iKhokha is “own it, don’t rent it”, and it’s one we take rather seriously. You have enough overheads to worry about, your card machine shouldn’t be one of them.

We empower business owners to own their hustle, and what better way to start than by owning your card machine?

The iKhokha Mover Pro is one of the most affordable devices on the market. We’ve made it possible to add your own card machine to your business arsenal for a significantly lower price than what it would cost to rent one. That being said, we can hook you up with a payment plan if you need it. After that, it’s all yours!

Transaction Rates that Get Lower and Lower

It shouldn’t cost a lot of money to make a lot of money, right? Right.

Transaction rates are a small percentage of each sale you make, and they’re a mandatory part of every card machine. It’s the way we make sure we can continue to do what we do best. And part of what we do best is bringing the lowest transaction rates to our iK Tribe. We are always working to beat or match the transaction rates of our competitors so that you can do business the way you want to.

When you become an iKhokha merchant, you can expect some of the lowest transaction rates in Mzansi. Our standard rate currently sits at 2.75% (excluding VAT) per transaction.

Even better: the more you sell, the less you pay. That means you don’t have to worry about paying more for growing your business - in fact, it’s completely the opposite!

If you need proof, check out transaction ratesand how they get lower and lower.

Convenient Payments With Tap & Go

Customers today are less likely to be carrying cash due to withdrawal charges, safety and convenience. Bringing a mobile card machine into your business has the potential to boost revenue in a serious way.

The iKhokha Mover Pro facilitates contactless payments which means your customers can swiftly tap and go. Plus, you can sell in peace knowing that your card machine accepts both Mastercard and Visa cards. If they need to insert their card, they can do that too. The Mover Pro also allows your patrons to use digital payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, which are steadily becoming widely accepted across the country. Businesses that stay ahead of the curve are the businesses that thrive, and the Mover Pro takes you there.

Get Paid On the Move

The working world has changed, for the better. People aren’t restricted to doing business from one place, and their card machine needs to follow where they go.

The Mover Pro is renowned for being small, lightweight, and portable. You’re no longer limited to your brick-and-mortar store. This is awesome news for contractors, freelancers, mobile salons, and pretty much anybody with a business that goes where you do.

As long as your machine is charged up, you’re good to go!

Goodbye Electricity, Hello Bluetooth

Small businesses across the country have been overwhelmed by the underwhelming amount of electricity available. It’s unbelievably hard to start a business when you’re facing huge setbacks that are out of your control.

The Mover Pro doesn’t rely on electricity or WIFI to operate, meaning you can level up even when the lights are down.

What’s in the Box?

This wouldn’t be a complete guide without letting you know what to expect when your device arrives at your doorstep (within 3- 4 working days, might we add). We make sure you have everything you need to get started as quickly as possible.

You’ll find:

  • The iKhokha Merchant Pack: Card acceptance sticker and tend card display. These let your customers know that you’re up and running with a card machine.
  • USB charger and adapter.
  • A unique referral code. You want your friends to do better, so why not get paid for it? For every successful referral, you receive R250.

Setting Up Your Mover Pro

Getting started is simple. How simple, you ask? We’ll show you.

Step 1

Make sure your Mover Pro is charged (with the USB and adapter provided) and switched on.

Step 2

Use your relevant app store (this will depend on whether you’re an Apple or Android person) and download the iKhokha app onto your smartphone or tablet.

Step 3

Now it’s Bluetooth time. Once the iKhokha app has finished installing, go to your Bluetooth settings and make sure your Bluetooth is switched on.

Step 4

On the back of your device is a unique serial number. This number will show up under “Available Devices” following “PP”. For example, PP12345678.

Step 5

Confirm the passkey and select “Okay/Pair”.

Step 6

Once the pairing is successful, log into the iKhokha app with the email address and password you used for your iKhokha application.

For Android users, tap the “Settings” cog icon on the top right-hand corner of the home screen. Select “Mover”. The iKhokha app will connect your device via Bluetooth.

To start transacting, follow the on-screen prompts that show up in the iKhokha app.

Make More Money with iK Prepaid

Ladies and gentlefolk, the part we’ve all been waiting for: How can you make more money using your iKhokha Mover Pro?

The answer: with iK Prepaid. iK Prepaid is something we created to help small businesses grow their revenue by bringing in one very simple offering: selling prepaid services, prepaid utilities, and settling bills.

iK Prepaid can be found on the iKhokha app, where you can start selling electricity, airtime, data on top of helping people settle gas bills, DSTV bills, and even traffic fines.

How to Sell iK Prepaid Products

  1. Launch the iKhokha app.
  2. Select “Prepaid”,
  3. Select the relevant product.
  4. Log in the details of the sale (DSTV account number, data amount, airtime amount, etc).
  5. Finish up the transaction using your iKhokha card machine.
Ready to be impressed? Some of our iKhokha merchants have reported that their turnover has increased by 35% just by incorporating iK Prepaid into the business! That’s a whole lot more money for an R199 investment, don’t you think?

Get Moving Today

If you haven’t joined the iK Tribe yet, what’s stopping you? Chat to our next-level support team to get the ball rolling. You can reach them here: +27 87 222 7000 or email us at support@ikhokha.com

It’s 2023, the year you take your business to new heights. It’s time to rise